Past Midnight

The whole idea of the 'Zombie Apocalypse' has never been taken seriously. It was all a joke to humanity. Shows such as The Walking Dead and Z Nation seemed realistic, but its just impossible. Or so we thought. (Yes this is a romance)


1. Deal

When the outbreak took place -the apocalypse- I was only fifteen years old. I had my whole life ahead of me, but the terrorist attack of the year 2017 took that away from me instantly. My mother and father had both turned a couple of weeks after the outbreak, so I was alone. We camped out at a National Park far away from the city. We (my mother, father, and I) were all asleep when a massive herd of walkers attacked us. The whole entire city had either sped their way out of there or were eaten by the dead. Whilst sleeping, they came into the tent and began using their venomous teeth to tear into my parents flesh. I herd my mom scream which woke me up that night, then the sound of her telling me to run. So, that's what I did. I ran and ran with only a rifle and a bag of limited food supplies and a jug of water.

I looked at my current surroundings. Trees, a medium sized creek, and a bunch of bushes. The wind blew my long auburn hair so it flowed in the current of the breeze. It was relaxing, yet the moment only lasted for a few moments before the oh to familiar moaning of a walker came into hearing range. I could hear its slurred footsteps among the dried crusty leaves. I turned to face it. It was an ugly thing, its vicious teeth showing through the torn deceased flesh of it's cheeks.

"I give you mercy." I said, earning growling from it in return. I grabbed my rifle, aimed it in the direction of it's head, and shot. The shot echoed throughout the forest, sending some crows out of their hiding habitats and into the unforgiving blue sky, and that's when the walker dropped against the dusty floor of the forest. I ran away from where I had shot, not knowing how many walkers the shot would attract. Being in the apocalypse for almost a year, you certainly learn more than how to kill one. Survival is main key these days. Its all for one and one for yourself if you want to live. You also learn not to trust anyone if you intend on keeping your current supplies.

I heard some more footsteps behind me, causing me to run faster. I didn't know how many bullets I had left so I didn't want to kill anything unless I had to. Plus, I could easily out run a walker. I heard the footsteps behind me pace up. I began to breathe more heavily than I normally would. I grabbed my rifle from it's current resting spot on my shoulder, and positioned it into shooting position. I ran ahead in a full sprint, then turned around to see what was following me. Nothing was there, simply the trees and bushes around me. What the heck?

"Don't shoot!" A males voice rang. I glared, hoping he could see me and know that I'm not someone to piss off.

"Come out and I'll consider not hunting you down and feeding you to the walkers." I heard some shuffling from behind me and before I knew it, a groaning sound echoed through my ears. I screamed as a walkers filthy hands gripped my shoulders. I closed my eyes, knowing this was most likely the end of this 'survivor'. I heard a gun shot go off, but never felt the pain of being bitten. I peeled open one of my eye lids. The zombie which had attempted to have me for dinner, was lying permanently dead on the floor, in a pool of it's own blood from the bullet shot into it's head.

"Should I have to explain myself now, considering I just saved you?" I opened both my eye lids so I could have my perfect twenty twenty vision back. That's when I spotted my savior. He was a boy, I'd say about two years older than me, eighteen maybe? He had black hair in a quiff messy style, and icy blue orbs. He was tall, around 6'3 and very muscular.

"No, you shouldn't, but you still well." His jaw just dropped.

"You would've been zombie chow if I hadn't of stepped in." I rolled my orbs. Yes he saved me, but what if he was about to beat me for my supplies?

"So? I still want to know what you want and why you need me for anything."

"I never said I did."

"Then why did you save me and stop me from continuing my journey to somewhere safe?"

"Because nobody should be alone, especially during an apocalypse. If alone too long in a distraught world, people could lose their sanity." I sighed, feeling helpless.

"Okay, how do you know I'm alone?"

"I didn't at first, I was hoping I could join your team because I'M alone, but when nobody stepped up to save you when the walker almost bit you, I knew you were." Hmm... smart huh? He could be useful and being alone is kind of getting old.

"What's your name, your age, and your story?"

"My name is Adam. I'm almost eighteen. My story? I'll tell you that another time." I shrugged, thinking it was fair. After all, I hardly trusted him, why should he have to trust me? "How about you? What's your name, and age." I smiled at how he left my story out of the questioning.

"I'm Holly and I'm sixteen."

"Well Holly, were both alone and inside of a highly dangerous planet swarming with blood thirsty beasts, would you be alright if I gained a partner and tagged along with you?" I smirked, thinking of the amount of zombies I'd killed. Imagine how much we could kill together! I held out my hand for him to shake, looking into his shimmering orbs.

"Adam, you have yourself a deal."



Hey guys! ArianaBieber here. This is my first real attempt at a zombie apocalypse novel. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it for you. Please leave me a comment, it would mean a lot! Like and share with your friends. Thanks guys! -ArianaBieber ;)

P.S. The picture with the girl in it is how I imagine Holly looks. Yet again, I hope you liked. Thanks :)




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