A Study in Villainy

In which a major supervillain discovers the civilian identity of a minor villain, the superhero council have some mastermind plan in the making to rid the world of villains, and extremist anti-supers groups go after heroes and villains alike. Chaos, lackey-making/torturing, and slash ensues. [Netflix Series Competition Entry]


2. Pilot - Scene One



We see two figures on the dimly lit dock, MUFFLED SHOUTS muted in the WIND and LAPPING WAVES. Faint lights from the city and Marriott hotel shine on the water and occasionally illuminate the figures in spandex and leather. The clock tower CHIMES in the distance. The boats bop in the dark water. 

The two figures fall to the floor, rolling into a patch of light as one tackles the other. SOARING SPARROW, a minor superhero with partial bird physiology and transformation abilities, straddles ISSAC HOADLEY, 25 a rookie villain with ice and minor air manipulation abilities known as Flurry, pinning him down to the dock.


(middle of sentence)
...ive up! Stupid villains. Don't know when to fucking quit.


Who you calling stupid, bird-brain?


Issac opens his palms towards Sparrow and a gust of ice shards hit the hero, allowing Issac to scramble to his feet. Sparrow's nails extend into bird-like talons as he charges at Issac again. Issac parries some of the attacks with a pole of solid ice he materializes and repairs when Sparrow's claws snap them. 


Fu--ck. Shit.


Sparrow's attacks are too fast for Issac to keep up with. One talon slices a line down Issac's collar bone, narrowly missing his throat. Sparrow jumps in the air to land a final blow as Issac's ice pole snaps and he's distracted by the new injury. 


You're mine, Flurry!


God-fucking-dammit. No way am I getting caught by a fucking bird. 


Issac takes talons to the back as he ducks and tries to escape. He freezes a puddle of water on the dock, causing Sparrow to slip and fall on his ass with a THUD. Issac shoots a large ice shard into Sparrow's leg and runs off the dock, using his powers to create ice stepping stones on the water as he runs towards the boats. Sparrow's curses fade in the distance.

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