A Study in Villainy

In which a major supervillain discovers the civilian identity of a minor villain, the superhero council have some mastermind plan in the making to rid the world of villains, and extremist anti-supers groups go after heroes and villains alike. Chaos, lackey-making/torturing, and slash ensues. [Netflix Series Competition Entry]


11. E2 - Scene 5



Shay strolls down the hallway. In his hand that swings back and forth with each step is a plastic bag filled with the sandwiches he made.


He silently mouths ‘214’ repeatedly, looking at the doors and dingy placards that state the room numbers and which teacher or teachers they belonged to. He peeks into some of the classrooms through the small window on the doors, seeing students looking bored out of their minds and discretely messing around on their phones or laptops while the teachers looked just as uninterested, for the most part.


As he passes a science classroom/lab, he pauses and cocks his head to the side in interest.




Inside is SYBILLE THIERS, 17 of African-American ethnicity with limited heamokinetic abilities, cleaning up broken glass on a counter top. She nicks her hand with a shard and winces. Some BLOOD falls on the counter and she curses inaudibly.


Shay silently creeps closer to the door to get a better look.


Sybille narrows her eyes and holds her injured hand over the blood spill. Her brows furrow in concentration as the spilled blood rises from the glass shards and counter, seeping back into the cut on her hand.




Ooh, haemokinesis... Now that’s an interesting, not to mention incredibly rare ability. You’ve got be more careful with flashing that around, cupcake.


Shay waits for Sybille to finish cleaning up before knocking on the door. He opens it and peeks his head inside, smiling guilelessly.


Hey there, sorry, but you look like a student here. You wouldn’t happen to know where room 214 is, would you?


Sybille hides her injured hand behind her back, eyes narrowing slightly.


Yeah... That’s Mr. Hoadley’s classroom.


Just who I’m looking for.


Shay holds up the plastic bag and shakes it a little, making the plastic CRINKLE.


I brought Issac lunch but I have no idea where his classroom is.


Sybille relaxes slightly and stuffs her hands into her pockets.


He’s just down the hall. I was on my way there so I can take you. There’s still about twenty minutes left of his class though. It’s pop quiz day.


Shay holds the door open for Sybille and the two walk down the hallway.


Pop quiz day? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose?


Sybille shrugs.


Mr. Hoadley has a pattern for his quizzes. It’s stupidly complicated and very few people know what the pattern is, so for all intents and purposes, it’s a pop quiz. The only reason I know it is because I’m his TA.


Shay laughs.


Issac’s a special one. I’m Shay by the way. I don’t think I introduced myself.


Sybille, but I prefer Billie.


Sybille? Est-ce que vous parlez français?


Sybille’s eyes widen in surprise. Her face lights up.


Oui! La famille de mon père viennet de France. Comment saviez-vous?


Shay winks and taps his index finger to his temple.


Lucky guess with your name.


Oh my god, barely anyone speaks French here. It’s all Spanish.


Well, estamos en América, no Canadá.


Sybille raises an eyebrow.


How many languages do you know?


Shay counts out on the fingers of his free hand.


I can read, write, and speak English, French, Spanish, and Italian, fluently. And I can speak just enough Japanese to get by in general conversation as well as very limited Hindi. I can’t read or write in either of those though.


Sybille whistles low.


Damn, that’s sort of impressive.


Sort of?


Sybille shrugs.


Well, I mean, the four you know completely are all Romance languages. When you know one of them, it’s relatively easy to learn the others. Not that it’s easy, but you do have an advantage since they work similarly and you have the same alphabet. But, like, with Mandarin, Japanese Kanji and Hiragana, Thai, etc. it’s a whole new thing.


Okay, yeah. I see your point. Ah, here it is.


The two stop in front of a door with a sign next to it stating that it is room 214. Issac Hoadly is written below the numbers. Shay steps up to the door, peeking inside the window. A grin stretches across his face.




Issac is leaning down slightly by one student, his back to the door. The other students have their heads bent down and hands working pencils and pens over a packet.


Issac finishes with the student and stands up. When he turns around, his gaze sweeps past the door briefly before he does a double take and frowns.




Shay steps back enough to open the door and disrupt the class. The students all snap their heads up to stare at him as he walks into the classroom, Sybille biting her lip to hold back her disbelief induced laughter.


Hey, Izzy! I brought you lunch just as promised.


Issac stares in confusion.


You never replied to my text so I made both.




Issac rushes to the front of the room and grabs Shay by the arm. He twists his body to his cats.


Uh, I’m gonna step out for a moment. Billie’s in charge, so you can badger her with questions and vain pleas for answers and extra time. No leaving early. Homework is finishing up the lab from last class, come see me tomorrow if you have last minute questions. Uh, see you Wednesday. Or tomorrow. You know what I mean. Bye.


Issac pulls Shay out the door as his class laughs.


Don’t forget about your other class after lunch, Mr. Hoadley!


Issac continues down the hall with Shay in tow, not sparing a glance back.


Shut up, Billie!


Are you allowed to talk to students like that?


Issac ignores him and continues to speed walk down the halls. Issac stops in front of a door. The plaque for it reads ‘Science Department Supply Room’. He lets go of Shay to sort through a set of keys he pulls from his pocket and unlocks the room, yanking Shay inside behind him, flipping on the lights, and shutting the door. Issac is a little out of breath while Shay is simply amused.


Shay takes a look around, noting all the various science lab paraphernalia; beakers, test tubes, flasks, Bunsen burners, etc.


A bit more dangerous than a janitor’s closet, don’t you think? Wouldn’t want to accidentally break something.


Issac shoves Shay against the door, his hand fisting in the collar of Shay’s shirt and the vibrations making the door and the glass on the nearby shelves RATTLE. A scowl mars his face.


Okay. Who the fuck are you? How the fuck did you find out who I am? What the fuck are you doing here and--and why the fuck are you grinning, you dick-munching cum-kettle?


Shay burst out in laughter, startling Issac. Abruptly halting the outburst, Shay drops the plastic bag of food to the side and grabs hold of Issac’s wrist with one hand, squeezing harshly so that Issac lets go. He jerks the arm down and twists around Issac so Issac is pressed chest first against the door, his arm twisted up behind him, the wrist still in Shay’s grip.


Holy shiii--ouch!


Frost begins to form in Issac’s hands. Shay reaches to the inside of his boot and pulls out a small knife, holding it to Issac’s neck.


Shay tsks.


Don’t you have a quite the creative potty mouth, snowflake. Dick-munching cum-kettle. Of all the things I’ve been called, that’s certainly a new one. Although your last one, what was it, Cum-bucket chicken nugget? That one definitely takes the cake. I never would have expected someone with a mouth like yours would be a high school chemistry teacher.


Shay twists Issac’s hand a bit more, making Issac grimace, a low WHINE of pain escaping past clenched teeth.


And I really wouldn’t do that if I were you.


The icy mist disappears. An ice shard from Issac’s free hand drops to the floor and quickly begins to melt into an innocuous puddle.


Good boy. Now, are you going to make a fuss or do I have to keep restraining you?


Issac drops his head and slumps in defeat. He grits his teeth.


You can let go.




(clenched teeth)


You swear?


Yes, I fucking swear on the bloody river Styx and my dead grandmother’s grave! Let me go, it fucking hurts, man!


You didn’t have to go that far. I was only teasing.


Shay lets go of Issac and steps back to give him space. Issac turns around and rubs his now freed wrist. Shay spins his knife around in his hand. Issac watches it warily.


What do you want from me?


Shay keeps his eyes on his knife, flipping it in the air and catching it by the hilt.


Hm, oh nothing much really. I’m just bored and you seem interesting. Although really, even for a rookie you’re quite careless. Soaring Sparrow and that mugger should not have given you as much trouble as they did.


How the hell do you know about that bird shit stain?


Like I said, you’re not very good at being discrete. A super’s mask is their best and only friend. Even in a dingy little fisherman’s boat, you are not safe from curious eyes.


Shay stops throwing the knife and points the blade towards Issac.


You also can’t just rely on only your powers. What’cha gonna do if you can’t use them? I’m human and I’ve overpowered you twice now.


Jesus, do you just carry bloody knives everywhere you go?


I like to be prepared.


The DING of the school’s PA system sounds above them through one of the speakers in the room. Shay and Issac look up, Shay with a brow raised and Issac with a confused frown.




The female speaker’s voice is accompanied by static background noise.


PA (V.O.)
Attention all students and faculty. Please head to the gym for a special, and mandatory, assembly. Lunch will extended accordingly. We have a special guest speaker. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.




As the woman repeats the message once more, Shay sighs and shrugs dramatically.


Looks like our lunch date’s been pushed back a bit.


Shay looks to the floor, we follow his gaze, to the dropped plastic bag.


Although I am a bit concerned about the state of our sandwiches. Anyway, let’s go to this gym and see who your special guest is. I guess I picked the perfect day to come visit you.


Shay picks up the plastic bag and raises a brow at Issac, chuckling as he nudges the other man aside to open the door and lead the way out.


Wait, why did you decide to come today, or at all even?


Shay spins on his heel to face Issac and gives him a shit-eating grin and a lopsided shrug.


I was bored. Now come on, I’m actually curious about this assembly.


Issac frowns and scratches his head before grumbling through a sigh and grabbing Shay’s arm and directing him down the correct way to the gym.

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