The Diary of an Outcast, Nerd, Fangirl, and Punk Rock Wannbe



----The bus. The most dreaded way to start my day. I mean just being in a small place with most of the people I hate is annoying. Okay so let me name the devil's spawn by the level I hate them-

Martin Mariana Emma

Then there’s the ones who annoy me but are somewhat nice-

Ella Ciara Talia Michelle

And finally my friends- Lauren and Marta.

What many people don’t understand that most of them are the most popular kids at my school.  They’ve always been that way, the same way I’ve always managed to suddenly become invisible even when I was the center of attention a second before.

         So just a few days ago on the bus I was as always reading a book when suddenly Marta and Lauren started talking about our trip to Orlando… but guess what? Surprise, surprise they left me out of the whole conversation I wasn’t exactly bothered by this but it kind of hurt they didn’t include me. As I always say, ”Sweet heart everyone is two faced but some people make them pretty.”


That’s it for today- Xx Alia

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