The Diary of an Outcast, Nerd, Fangirl, and Punk Rock Wannbe




As I see the world society is falling. Even though many LGBT people are now on their way to being fully accepted by the world, not that I don't accept it, many more people are being judged by their appearance. I’m in seventh grade and this endless circle of sameness has been happening since the 4th grade. Kids in my grade are now taking bikini shots and posting them on instagram. Then there’s the thing with the most popular kids in my grade, , have made out with at least 5 different guys, wear clothes that are supposed to be for college students. Then theres me the invisible, loud, annoying girl that everyone on that most smart people want nothing to do with. I jugde everyone from a distance, I get crushes on people that don’t even know I exist and I’m sassy and sarcastic.


So to get to the point this is going to be a written version of how I manage to function in a world turned upside down.

Hope you enjoy Xx-Alia

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