The Girl: Music


1. The Muse

The girl who is music, often covers her ears, to keep from being odd. Whenever she takes her hands from her ears, Music spilled from them. Truth be told, she was already considered to be strange, for she was always covering her ears, to shield them from the music nobody heard, well nobody but her. They snicker at her; Down the halls at school, not that she could hear them but, she could always see, her eyesight was pristine.Though she was pretty, with an hour glass bodice, rounded hips, full lips, and bright copper and gold eyes, and porcelain pale skin. People didn't tell but, secretly they were scared, they were jealous of her, but didn't realize that a gift so beautiful could come with a burden so, very, heavy. They were afraid to admit she was beautiful because by admitting her beauty to others would give others the freedom to tell her also which would make everyone else seem less beautiful. Nobody realized the weight inflicted on her or how powerful it was. Finally, she was broken down by the glares and hatred and let her hands down.........

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