Vanessa has been hiding a secret: that she is Voldemort's daughter.


11. The Plan

Tonight I'll tell her, Vanessa thought to herself, drawing in a breath, "Tonight I'll tell Lily who I really am. I can trust her." Noticing she was late, she quickly gathered up her textbooks and hurried to her first class of the day. "I'm so sorry Professor, I-" Professor Samantha Snape turned to face her with a swish of her cloak, which abruptly slapped a student dozing off on his desk. "Vanessa, isn't it quite precarious to be out and about of class with no one knowing your whereabouts, when there is clearly a deatheater on the loose?" She spoke coldly, like she didn't even care. Vanessa wanted to shout, "Your father was a deatheater you know," But instead she said sulkily, "Yes ma'am," And  sat down. Snape raised an eyebrow like she knew Vanessa wanted to say more, but returned to the lesson anyway. Vanessa slid down in her seat and closed her eyes. How was she going to tell Lily who she was? It was all too confusing, but she had an idea what to do. It was a good one. 

(Sorry I had to make this short guys i'm very busy.)

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