Vanessa has been hiding a secret: that she is Voldemort's daughter.


8. The Necklace from 25 years ago

 The school days seemed to fly by. Before Vanessa knew it, it was February, and the snow began to melt. The whole world was beautiful. For the first time life was beautiful. Lily often studied with her, went to hogsmede with her- they were not just friends, they were best friends. Although Tyler was no longer there, Vanessa still felt his arms around her, still felt her heartbeat quicken when she looked at his picture. Friday afternoon, Hogsmede was crowded with students. "What should we do?" Lily asked as they strolled through the streets. "Well, I'm thinking we could go to... The Three Broomsticks for a bit." Lily nodded. "Yeah, me too. I've just got to go to the lavatory. I'll meet you inside. "Okay." Vanessa agreed. She walked into the restaurant and ordered two butterbeers. She sat down at a  table by the window so she could see when Lily came. It was a long time before Vanessa saw her friend darting towards the door. "Lily!" She cried. Lily sprinted in her direction, looking slightly scared. "Lily, what took you so long?" Lily took a deep breath. "I saw a ghost in there, crying. I asked her what was wrong. She told me someone threw a box on her head. I picked it up and looked inside... The necklace inside was glowing." Vanessa stared. "What do you think it means?" Lily shook her head. "I- don't know." She sat down and drank her butterbeer. "Come on," She said when she was finished."Lets leave." As they walked back to Hogwarts, Lily opened up the box. "It's not glowing." She whispered. Vanessa  ran her hand along the cool metal fondly. She was drawn to it for some reason. Suddenly the necklace pulsed bright red. "Red... It was green before." Lily whispered. Suddenly Vanessa screamed. Something was causing her pain- she was shaking and writhing- this was the worst pain she'd ever felt. Lily dropped the box with the necklace. "Vanessa, what's going on!" Vanessa couldn't reply, only scream. Suddenly she lurched up. For a second she hovered in the air, then she fell to the ground with a thud. "Vanessa!" Lily screamed. "Vanessa!" Hagrid suddenly came running towards them. "What happened! What Happened!" Students gathered around. "No one touch the necklace!" Lily cried. Hagrid picked up Vanessa and carried her limp body to the hospital wing. She wasn't dead, but couldn't see or hear, or feel, or smell her surroundings. Instead she saw blackness. She raised her hands- she could see them, so she wasn't blind. But why was it so dark? Suddenly a glowing object came into view. She walked forward. The glowing object was the necklace, what had brought her into this state. She did not run away. Where else would she go? Suddenly the necklace began to speak. "The daughter is cursed, the crystal ball does not lie, the dark lord shall reign, She will bring him to power or to his knees!" Vanessa sat upright in her bed in the hospital wing. Lily smiled. "You're awake." Suddenly the headmaster came storming in. "Records show that this event happened about 25 years ago to a girl only a year older than you Vanessa." Vanessa shook her head. "What are you talking about?" "The girl was given it by a deatheater, which means whoever through it on Moaning Murtle's head had some connection to the diseased dark lord. If that is so, we must lock down the school."

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