Vanessa has been hiding a secret: that she is Voldemort's daughter.


10. The Dream

It was a stormy night and the waves smashed against the jagged rocks Vanessa stood on. She wondered where she was. Suddenly a wave smashed high up on the rocks dragging her into the water. She clung to a foothold and screamed as the waves lapped against her back. "Lily!" She screamed. "Lily help!" Lily appeared before her. "I'm sorry Vanessa.' She said without the slightest hint of emotion in her voice. Vanessa lost her footing and clung by her fingers. "Lily, please!" Lily stared off at something in the distance. "No." She spoke coldly. Her words hung in the air. Suddenly a tsunami came crashing over the rocks, sweeping Vanessa into the water. Lily vanished before the wave hit her. Vanessa tried to scream, but water came up her nose and down her throat and drowned her. Suddenly she was standing in front of twelve mirrors, except instead of the pale gray eyed girl she'd always known, a snakelike noseless man stood all around her. "Nooooooo!" She cried, just as she was sucked down into blackness. Suddenly Lily was there. She pointed her wand at Vanessa. "You're father tried to kill my father." Lily spoke sharply. "You are evil." Suddenly there was a jet of blue light, and Vanessa sat up shivering in the great hall. "Vanessa, you alright?" It was Lily. "I had a dream...  you hurt me, you didn't trust me..." Vanessa stuttered. Lily wrapped her arms around her in a hug. "I would never do that." "I know." Vanessa whispered. She knew Lily would never mistrust her enough to hurt her. 

She couldn't have been more wrong.

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