Vanessa has been hiding a secret: that she is Voldemort's daughter.


9. Lock Down

Vanessa felt like all the air had been sucked out of her lungs and no matter how hard she tried she couldn't breath. The world had suddenly collapsed around her. What if they found out she was Voldemort's daughter? This was terrible. If only Lily hadn't found the necklace, then she wouldn't be in this situation, with the school locking down and the creepy prophecy she had been given while she was unconscious. Nervously, she and Lily evacuated to the great hall from the hospital wing. The grand door locked, and prefects were stationed outside, nervously pacing the corridor. Lily pulled her over to the Gryffindor table before she could protest and they sat down to listen to what the headmaster had to say. The Gryffindors glared at her and she squeezed Lily's hand, trying to tell her she should probably just sit at the Slytherin table. Lily turned to look at her. "I'm so sorry about the necklace. I didn't know it would..." Her voice trailed off. Vanessa shook her head. "It wasn't your fault." Tears began to well up in Lily's eyes. "But if i hadn't found it- if i hadn't-" Whack! Someones fist smacked into Vanessa's jaw. "How dare you make her cry!" They shouted. Vanessa fell back and hit the floor. Covering her face with her hands, she peeked out between her fingers at the student. It was Hugo. His red hair fell and covered his eyes as he punched her in the throat. "No!" Lily cried. "Stop it Hugo, stop it!" Hugo just grunted and kicked Vanessa in the ribs, making her cry out in pain. "Go back to your table, LOSER!" He shouted.  Lily whipped out her wand and pointed it at Hugo. "Stop, or I'll put you in a leg locker curse!" She threatened. Hugo was clearly enraged. "Lily, look she's a bad influence on you! You would never do this to me-" "I WOULD!" Lily screamed. Hugo sneered and pointed his wand at Vanessa. "CONFUNDO!" He cried and a jet of red light shot at Vanessa. "Protego!" Vanessa cried, sending the curse back at Hugo. He ducked and the curse flew right into another Gryffindor. "CRUCIO!" Hugo shouted, and suddenly Vanessa felt a pain worse than the necklace had given her. Horrible images flashed before her and she couldn't breath, she could feel her body spazzing out over the floor, and suddenly it stopped. "Hugo!" Vanessa heard the headmaster say. "Come to my office."  Lily knelt down on the floor next to her. "Are you okay?" She asked. Vanessa nodded, sitting up shakily. "We should probably eat something, don't you think?" Lily said. Vanessa nodded. "It's okay you can sit here, the other Gryffindors are perfectly fine with it." The others nodded. 

That night as they slept in sleeping bags on the floor, Vanessa heard Hugo screaming at the prefects outside. "Let me in, the headmaster said he won't send me to azkaban! I need to be let in!" "Yeah," The Ravenclaw prefect said, "And we got orders not to let you in. Got that?" Vanessa sighed. The day had been full of to many awful things. Chocking back tears, she drifted into a dreamless sleep.

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