Vanessa has been hiding a secret: that she is Voldemort's daughter.


7. Lily Potter

Vanessa jumped and spun around. Lily smiled gently. "Are you okay?" She asked. Vanessa couldn't help it. She broke down in tears. 

Lily soothed her and walked her to her next class. As she sat down what had just happened dawned on her- Lily Potter had just tried to comfort her. Lily Potter of all people. Vanessa knew that Lily couldn't possibly know about her father, otherwise she would definitely not have joined her in the chorus room. The thought still haunted her throughout class though. Lily Potter. She repeated the name numbly in her head. Lily Potter. The class was divination, and as she looked into the crystal ball she saw what she had seen last time. Her father, noseless and snakelike and soul-less, and then again,  her sitting with a friend, the friend walking away. Was that Tyler? How could it be? Divination was about the future.

A few days went by. Lily and Vanessa passed in the hallways, smiling as they hurried to their next class. One day as they were studying for they're OWLs, Lily cleared her throat and looked at Vanessa. "We are friends, right?" She asked. Vanessa thought for a moment. Could she really be friends with Lily Potter? Of course she could! She wasn't her father! "I-Yeah. Yes, we are." Lily grinned. "Good," She said. "Because I haven't really had any friends before." Vanessa smiled gently. "Neither have I." Maybe Tyler was right. Maybe she would make friends. Maybe they would except her for who she was.

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