Vanessa has been hiding a secret: that she is Voldemort's daughter.


13. Betrayal

It all happened in a blur. "You know how the headmaster is worried that there is a deatheater in the school?" Lily's face went pale. "You know something about that?" "Yes, well, not exactly." Vanessa mumbled, looking into Lily's eyes. "You promise you won't judge me when I tell you this?" Lily looked pained. "Why would I ever judge you for anything? You're my best friend." "W-well, uh, my secret is that..." "You can trust me." Lily whispered, seeing the doubt in Vanessa's eyes. "Voldemort is my father!" She cried suddenly, looking away quickly and stepping back, tears streaming down her face. There was silence for a moment. Lily stared at Vanessa in complete horror and shock, finding it inconceivable that her best friend had been hiding that from her all this time, that Vanessa's father was the reason her uncle died, that her father was the reason Teddy Lupin had no family. Her father had tried multiple time to kill Lily's father... 

"You know what?" She said quietly. Vanessa looked up slightly, afraid to look Lily in the eyes. "You shouldn't have hid this from me." Vanessa's spirit suddenly lifted and she stepped forward. "S-So you don't hate me?" Lily looked into Vanessa's eyes. "Of course I do, you murderous lunatic!" She screamed, slapping Vanessa hard across the face. "Oww!" She cried, reaching up to shield her wound and backed into the wall. Lily turned to leave. "NO! Wait! Please! I'm not evil! I would never hurt you!" She cried. Lily screamed, "YOU USED ME TO TRY TO KILL MY DAD!" "What? No!" Lily suddenly whipped out her wand. "Crucio!" A red jet of light burst from her wand and hit Vanessa's torso, sending her flying across the room and crashing into the other wall. Pain suddenly hit Vanessa. It was like fire, she was burning, wait, no she wasn't- She was being stabbed- no she was being bitten over and over again by multiple sharks, she was screaming, Lily was leaving her, leaving her alone in a dark room, in overwhelming pain that seemed like it would not suffice. "LILY HELP ME!" Vanessa screamed, but Lily ran out of the room. Tyler had lied. 

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