Vanessa has been hiding a secret: that she is Voldemort's daughter.


3. A Crystal Nightmare

The next day, classes started, and as Vanessa had expected, everyone passing by her in the hallways either made a terrible pun or a rude remark or pretend not to notice her when she passed, but when they thought she was out of earshot, burst out laughing. This was very  uncomfortable for Vanessa, because she was used to blending in with the shadows, and being noticed, (especially in this way,) caused her more stress on the subject of being Voldemort's daughter then ever before. So she ignored the other students, deciding not to give them a reaction, because she knew that would stop her from slipping back into the shadows. 

As Vanessa exited potions, she checked her schedule for the 4th time that day. She was so forgetful! There was so much going on in her head though, it wasn't really her fault. She scanned the list for her next class... Divination. "Oh great," She said to herself glumly. Vanessa had never really had any talent for seeing into the future-or telling time really. She thought she was quite incapable of anything other than evil, and she cringed at that. She had to be good at something else... She thought about this as she walked to Divination.

Professor Trawlany started off class by telling them about the history of the art of divination as she had done for many years, and then took attendance. Vanessa held her head down for that part. She didn't even muster a tiny "Here," just put her hand up, she knew professor Trelawny's enormous eyes would see it. After taking attendance Trawl any handed out the crystal balls that they would be using that day. Vanessa stared into hers- nothing. She stared harder- nothing. She almost fell asleep staring... Nothing!

She sighed and looked up from her crystal ball. She looked at the clock. She groaned. There was seven minutes left in class- six minutes before Tralawny would ask everyone what they saw. There was no point in trying now, she would end up empty handed anyway. 

Absentmindedly, Vanessa glanced back at her crystal ball and what she saw made her jump. A person was staring back at her. At first, she thought it was her reflection, and she had just been foolish enough to think that it had actually been a person, but upon closer inspection, found her reflection to be quite snakelike and bald and...noseless. It was her father! The image in the crystal ball changed, and now Vanessa saw herself sitting with someone, laughing. She couldn't see who. Then she saw the person walk away, saw herself crying, and then Voldemort once again. "He's just trying to get into my head again," she thought, and tore here eyes away from the crystal ball. She suddenly wondered if this was actually the future. How could it be though, her father was dead, and she would never have any friends.  





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