Vanessa has been hiding a secret: that she is Voldemort's daughter.


5. A Cold Kiss

Chorus was going great. Vanessa had no idea how angelic her voice was, and was surprised it came out so clear and on pitch.  Practice was becoming her favorite time of day, and her father was rarely on her mind. One day as she was leaving chorus, a smile plastered on her face, her hood off, a boy came walking in her direction. "Hey," He managed nervously. Vanessa stopped and looked at him. He looked down at his feet. To be honest, he seemed just as scared of talking to her as she was talking to him. "Hi..." She replied, twirling her black bangs around her index finger absent-mindedly. She had to admit, he was, well, kind of cute, and talking to him made her feel... somehow... less afraid.

He looked up at her again. "Your voice is really... Great."

Vanessa smiled wearily. "Thanks."

"My name's Tyler."

"I'm Vanessa." 

"I was thinking..." His voice trailed off, and Vanessa nodded for him to go on. "If you maybe wanted to..."

Vanessa held her breath. "Maybe study sometime?" The words were finally out. The suspense was gone. In it's place was a perfectly terrifying question that Vanessa had to answer.

"I would love to." Her answer was just as perfectly terrifying as the question.

"Cool." Tyler confirmed. He smiled the same weak smile and asked, "Tomorrow, seven, same place?"

Vanessa nodded, and hurried away. 

The next day, at 7:00, Vanessa walked to the hallway outside of the chorus room, both nervous and surprisingly excited at the same time. When she saw Tyler waiting for her in the hallway however, she was no longer excited.

"Vanessa,'" He whispered, smiling shyly.


From that moment on, everything changed. Including Vanessa. A few months passed, and she gave herself permission to call him her boyfriend, which he replied to by calling her his girlfriend. Finally, on a trip to Hogsmeade, they sat down next to a tree, and had a small picnic of sweets from honeydukes, which both of them considered a kiss. Suddenly they were leaning in to each other, locking lips, arms around each other, when Vanessa felt a slight chill run up her spine. The happiness she was feeling was almost sucked away, back into what she relized was her old depressed self. Immediatly she pulled away from Tyler and looked up into the sky. 

"Vanessa, what is it?" Tyler asked, but she was to scared to speak. Tyler looked up, and what he saw horrified him. Looming above them was about 30 dementors, scabbed and gruesome. 

"Run!" Tyler was shaking her, but the dementors were closing in on them. 

Horrors flashed in front of Vanessa's eyes, her father peering out of the crystal ball, her father killing people.... 

Tyler was screaming. Vanessa snapped out of her flashback to find him pinned to the tree by a dementor, who was attempting to give him the kiss. "No!" She screamed, casting the first spell that came into her mind. It wasn't even a spell she knew of. " Expecto Patronum!!!" 

The dementor was blown away from Tyler and he crumpled to the ground. 

"Tyler!" Vanessa cried, rushing over to him, cradling his head in her arms.

She could feel the dementor's force reaching out at her, could feel herself slipping away.... She fell next to Tyler, hand in hand. When she woke up, she was in the hospital wing, next to her barely alive boyfriend. 

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