Ghost Q

Second and final story to Deja Q-ed. Basically it features a story that can't be that well described. . . Well . . . really it involves what happens afterwards when crash landing on a planet called Gavalros Seven homeplanet of a race called the Horseceons.

Started 11.10.2015.

Completed: 11.12.2015 at 8:22 PM.


21. Would be dreams

. . 2455. . .

. . .Earth 2. . . 1:28 AM. . .

Alexander the second awoke, thirsty.

"Oh great." Alexander said, then got out of bed.

Alexander put on his slippers.

The light in the hall was on.

"Odd . ." Alexander noted.

Alexander was four years old, in earth  years but in Klingon years he was eight. He had a uncanny resemblance to one of his grandparents when they were a child. Alexander walked out of his room noticing some of the picture frames were floating, eerily, with shattered marks and pieces of glass on the floor. What the heck happened here?, Alexander thought, was it a sonic boom? With what courage he could muster, our Klingon-human went down the hallway holding his teddy bear scared. He was not a coward but he was totally a coward who was thirsty. He saw the glass wall displaying shadows in the living room. Who was in the living room? Since Alexander was thirsty he needed some help to get the milk that was on a high shelf.

So he walked into the living room.

There he saw two transparent but easily to see figures sitting down on the couch reconstructing what seemed to be a vase on a table.

There was monkey glue on the table.

"I can't believe you chose to toss a Klingon artifact at the young boy," Came the man in what seemed to be mid 2360's command red. "Number two."

"He was going to wake up the captain and have a lethal accident," Number two said, in the exact uniform Number one was in. "And you were the one who burned that man's hand."

"That sack did not belong to him," Number one said. "You know that as well I do."

Number two sighed.

"Yeah, I do," Number two said. "Hopefully these kids won't do it again."

"Best friends thick as thieves but .  . . But maybe not after today," Number one said,placing a piece of Klingon material into place using his finger. "He will do it again."

"But Hanklerson's friend won't." Number two said.

"Carlizon will be no-doubtedly trying to clear his name of what he done after today," Number one said. "He will join a good cause, die, haunt his friend to convince him that stealing is not  a lifestyle. That's a pretty good life for  a human I'll say."

"It took me half the  time to put everything back to their owners than it did putting this old thing together," Number two said. "I do not know how you keep yourself preoccupied for so long."

Number one leaned forward on the couch lacing forward another piece of Klingon material into the vase and he visibly had a butt imprint on the couch.

"I am saving that reply for Jean-Luc," Number one said,neatly placing monkey glue around the items. "You are not ready to hear it."

Number two glared at Number one.

"I am ready." Number two said.

"You are not going to be with me for a eternity,with all due respects, " Number one said. "Number two."

Alexander faked a cough.

The two apparitions looked toward Alexander.

"I am thirsty," Alexander said. "Can I have some milk?"

Number one elbowed number two.

"You heard the child," Number one said, with a smile. "Get him some milk."

Number two stood up.

"All right, little one,"  Number two said. "I will get you it."

Alexander smiled rubbing his hands together leaning against the corner of the wall.

His throat felt dry.

Number two had a cold breeze walking right past Alexander.

"Who are you?" Alexander asked the apparition.

Number one looked up toward Alexander.

"I am from the stories,"  Number one said. "A great story, in fact."

Number one slid another piece in.

"My grandparent is very old but . . . Who was the other guy?"  Alexander asked.

"He is from the stories too," Number one said. "We are ghosts from Admiral Picard's past."

"What happened here?" Alexander said.

"We sent two men packing," Number one said. "With a price." His face turned grim. "We are .  . . great in debt with your grandfather. He is a great man and a great captain."

"But he is too old to be a captain." Alexander said.

With a deadpanned look, Number one replied  "No, he is not."

"He told me that when I asked him why he wasn't captaining a ship." Alexander said.

Number one had a sad expression on his face.

"You are never too old to believe," Number one said. "To believe you can be anything you want to be."

"I want to be president." Alexander said.

Number one laughed, shaking his head.

"Now, that is a great dream!" Number one said.

"And then I will make sure my really old grandparent is honored for being the best admiral in the universe!" Alexander said.

Number one smiled at the boy.

"We seem to agree on one thing." Number one mused.

"Yeah, we do!" Alexander said.

"I known him longer than you and you have a unique heart, don't ever lose that." He paused. "In fact, promise me that. Promise me you will never lose your dreams. Dreams are a powerful force."

"I will never, ever, lose my dreams." Alexander said.

"You will be kept to your promise, and you will keep it, am I clear?" Number one asked.

"Yes, sir!" Alexander did a salute.

Number two came back with a glass of milk.

"Here is your milk," Number two said, handing the little boy the glass of milk. Alexander tucked the teddy bear under his left arm. "Off to bed."

Number two felt cold to the touch.

"Damn it," Number one said. "My  fingers are glued!"

Number two laughed.

"Nice one,Number One." Number two said, guiding little Alexander to his room.

"No, really!" Number one said. "My fingers are stuck."

Alexander drank the glass of milk heading to his room feeling his shoes were flying. It was almost like he was flying back to his room. His eye lids were slowly closing. Number two brought Alexander to his room. Alexander's fingers were clutched around the halfway empty cup.  He had a milk beard on his face. Alexander turned toward Number two. Number two had a smirk then he wiped off the beard off Alexander's face. Alexander had a curious look about his face.

"Who are you?" Alexander asked.

Number two looked over toward the room of Admiral Picard then back toward  Alexander.

"Swear to me you will never tell a soul what you saw tonight," Number two said. "If you are a member of the Picard and Mogh family, give me you word."

"I won't tell a soul." Alexander said.

Number two lowered himself to Alexander's level. 

"I am William T. Riker," Number two said. "But whenever you refer to me (not to freak out the admiral, of course) you may call me Number two."

Alexander nodded.

"You are that guy with the beard . . . But you don't have one," Alexander said. "I always pictured you with a beard."

"Off to bed."  Number two slid Alexander to his room then shut the door on him.

Alexander finished his cup of milk then wiped off his milk beard, put the cup on the counter, then fell on his bed fast asleep.  He buried his head into the pillow with his teddy bear tucked beside his chest. He was out. The next morning started rather normal, normal as in 'waking-up, about-to-get-slippers-on-except-they-are-already-on-which-is-unusual,really-'.  The events that happened hours ago seemed to be a figment of his imagination but the whole thing was real. Alexander pinched himself. He was really remembering events with two spirits. He stood up dropping his teddy bear. Alexander opened the door to see the photos on the wall appeared as though nothing had happened. That hand print had long faded off his face. The lights in the hall were off.

Alexander walked down the hall and noticed everything seemed to be fine.

Except Jean-Luc was making breakfast.

"Good morning, Alexander!"  Jean-Luc said.

Alexander looked in the living room. 

Nothing was disturbed.

"Is there something wrong, Alex?" Jean-Luc asked.

Alexander shook his head.

"Just remembering a bad dream," Alexander said. He stopped. "Wait!"

Alexander ran, slipped, fell, and ran all the way to his room. Jean-Luc was busy cooking but he did see the unexpected sprinting his great grandson was doing. Jean-Luc raised a eyebrow while moving under the eggs making them sunny side up. Alexander loved sunny side up eggs and bacon.n Alexander had skid marks on his knee along with a rug burn on his hands. Alexander grabbed the handle of his door while speeding so fast he crashed to the floor face first against the wall. He rubbed his nose.

"Are you okay,Alexander?" Jean-Luc shouted.

"Fine!" Alexander shouted back.

"Silly Klingon."  Jean-Luc muttered.

Alexander entered his room.

"So it did happen." Alexander said, gasping.

Alexander looked around his room then picked up the cold to the touch glass.

"Alex, I do not appreciate running in the house." Jean-Luc said.

"Sorry!" Alexander hollered back, coming out of his room holding the empty cup. "I just forgot a cup you poured me last night."

After Alexander left his room we see Riker's apparition close the door.

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