Ghost Q

Second and final story to Deja Q-ed. Basically it features a story that can't be that well described. . . Well . . . really it involves what happens afterwards when crash landing on a planet called Gavalros Seven homeplanet of a race called the Horseceons.

Started 11.10.2015.

Completed: 11.12.2015 at 8:22 PM.


12. What a terrible deception

. . . 2405.  . .

. . .Correct timeline. . .

Surrounded by his best and most loyal friends, Picard passed away.

He was scared of death. Would it be dark? Lonely? No one he knew? In fact he was scared but well when Q had made the claim he would make Picard be with him for eternity that honestly eased his worry.  But when Q had last said that he was not being honest back then it seemed to shatter what hope of the afterlife being full of life and not so scary  for Picard. His cardiac heart had started failing last month and there wasn't a new one in store for him. He did not have a new heart. He was dying of old age. The last time Picard ever saw Q was in 2370 that seemed like a life time ago. Here he was 100 years old.

Older than his father.

Picard felt like he was free falling in the darkness seeing his life passing by him.

The memories he had were great, even the last time he spoke with Ambassador Spock and shared a mind meld with him.

He heard voices. 

"He is gone. . ." A  nurse said. 

"Goodbye, captain." Picard heard Data's voice. 

Data still insisted calling Picard 'captain'. 

Data. . . 

The android made him laugh sometimes. Beverly had long gone to captain a Olympic class starship called the USS Apollo. Surprisingly Worf ended up with Deanna and oddly Riker ended up marrying another woman and had a child named Thomas. They still had the annual Enterprise reunion held on the date the Enterprise was set off into space. They had toast to all those lives they had touched and to those they will continue to touch then they drank.

Picard, in his most spirit form, could feel a soul inside Data. 

Data wasn't just a machine but a person inside.

Then Picard was free falling what seemed to be planes with weird colors. He saw a white light freely flying after him. It was speeding after him, really, leaving what seemed to be a trail of light behind. There was gas seen in between the rays of light. It was odd, really: falling in general. Usually he wouldn't be the one falling  at all! Picard had just passed away out of his human body in a hospice. He attended the last reunion of the Enterprise D departure before his health had turned for the worst. Picard turned his attention down to see a brighter light down below him in the shape of a tunnel. Was it heaven?

Hopefully, it wasn't just all white and empty.

Perhaps he did not need to be scared of the afterlife.

It will be all right.

Perhaps he will be in a state of nothingness.

Perhaps he will be born again.

He has heard of those instances.

Was it where the others he had known long ago had gone to? The countless lives he met and had seen perish before his eyes? Where all the great captains, admirals, commodores, and historical figures in Star Fleet went? Will he meet Vash? Janeway? James T Kirk? Spock, again? Picard was a admiral. Formerly, because he just died apparently due to old age. Picard closed his eye shielding his face expecting for imminent impact. Then he could feel a grip on his foot. Or what seemed to be his ankle. He had stopped his senseless fall. Picard looked up to see a completely rounded white ball right above him radiating of great power.

He could sense on who it is.

"I keep my promises, Picard!" Came Q's voice from the ball.

Picard saw the shape of a hand grabbed around his leg and he noticed he was in 2370's star fleet uniform.


"But. . ." Picard said.

"I lied!" Q said. "Just because I cannot visit your ship does not mean I can not visit you, Mon capitaine."

There Q flew in the opposite direction until they were somewhere else in outer space on a outer ring.

Picard landed on his back.

"Q, what did you do!" Picard asked, glaring at the entity's direction.

"You are a ghost, Jean-Luc, as of right now and today," Q said, materializing wearing ice skates. "If you want to roller skate around the planet just take my hand or I can let you fall again to the division of death. I can't chase after you there, Mon capitaine." Picard went silent. "I would have to die in order to do that." Q had a short laugh but then it stopped once he read Picard's face. "You are scared of dying." He had a pause.  "I should have known."

"You know everything." Picard said.

"But not about how others feel," Q said, skating around Picard. "That is a rather tricky subject."

"Q. . ." Picard said. "Are you really a big ball of energy?"

Q had a wide big grin on his face.

"True that!" Q said, skating around in a circle then he made a skid making a spark out of the disk. "You have seen me in my purest form, Picard, and you can never ever unsee that."

Picard wondered, was he a professional skater once in his lifetime?

"No," Q said. "Not really."

Q came to a stop.

"Then how are you so good on those roller skates?" Picard asked, baffled.

Q smiled.

"Let me show you,Mon capitaine," Q said, holding his hand out. "I am all knowing. I am not called Q for nothing."

"Right you are,Q." Picard said, taking Q's hand.

And there they vanished in a white flash off on their time of eternity together.

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