Ghost Q

Second and final story to Deja Q-ed. Basically it features a story that can't be that well described. . . Well . . . really it involves what happens afterwards when crash landing on a planet called Gavalros Seven homeplanet of a race called the Horseceons.

Started 11.10.2015.

Completed: 11.12.2015 at 8:22 PM.


10. Two of each

. . . Present day . .

. . . Gavalros Seven. . . Four hours later. . .

The crew of the original Enterprise had been beamed back to the Enterprise still in orbit after meeting  with Jack Picard. The planet had been moved back into orbit and correct reality. It all came into being when the small group managed to convince the Horseceons to help what remained of the Enterprise crew repair their ship. They would do the saucer rejoining shortly after the repairs. Geordi had some engineers be beamed back down to the lower Enterprise to help him get it done along with two Data's.  Their conversation went like this:

Data with a exposed face looked at normal Data.

"What year is it to you?" Data with a exposed face asked.

"2369." Normal Data said.

"You are lucky." Data with a exposed face said.

"Why?" Normal Data said.

"Your best friend is still alive," Data with a exposed face lowered his head down.

"Geordi is technically still alive in the physical appearance of Carlos," Normal Data said. "He has Geordi's facial features, his cheeks, his hair, and nose."

"You are right.  . . " Data with a exposed face said. "But it will take me awhile for my  mental pathways to become  accustomed to  Carlos's sensory input patterns."

"What will you do when you get back?" Normal Data asked.

Data with a exposed face contemplated.

"Update my knowledge on Star Fleet regulation," Data with a exposed face said. "I will continue my career in Star Fleet even after my friends have become admirals, retire, or so on. I can become accustomed to other people's sensory input patterns."

"You miss your old friends."

"I do," Data with a exposed face said. "Mostly . . . Spot."

"Spot."  Normal Data's voice became squeaky.

"I was told Spot started a family tree of a new feline cat called the Benglio Spot," Data with a exposed face said. "I befriended one on my climb. Spot second, come here!"

In came a large panther like cat.

"A--Achu!" Carlos sneezed.

Spot 2 looked at both Data's confused which one to nudge.

"We seem to confuse the cat." Normal Data said.

"Panther, really, and yes, we have." Data with a exposed face said.

"It is customary that one gives high fives." Normal Data said.

"High five!" Data with a  exposed face said.

The two Data's shared a high five.


"Bless you." Both Data's and some of the engineers said.

"Thank you." Carlos said.

The two La Forges, on the other hand, had a short but interesting conversation.

"So . . ." Geordi said.  "Who is your mother?"

"Telana," Carlos said. "The plant life and animal life had unusual properties. My dad said they aged much slower. . "

"How slow?" Geordi asked.

Carlos sneezed.

"My dad had the physiology of a thirty-two year old when I was born," Carlos said. "And it started to wear off."

"How long did that take?" Geordi asked.

Carlos sneezed.

"It ended fifty-three years ago," Carlos said. "I am sixty-three."

Geordi raised a brow. 

"You sound like you are twenty-three not sixty." Geordi said.

"Technically he has the appearance of a thirty-three year old," Normal Data said.  "Not a sixty year old. It seems the lack of aging affects certain groups and not everyone at once."

"That would explain how most of the crew members look like they are in their fifties and their children appear to be youthful," Data with a exposed face said, and then Carlos sneezed again. "Bless you."

"Data, can you please dismiss your pet?" Carlos asked.

"Spot, go." Both Data's said.

Spot 2 went out of the room and his sneezing stopped. Our scene switches to the ready room with photos plastered all over the place. There is Beverly standing in the room appearing to be rather fascinated but curious of the aging appearing in the photos. There is a beep followed by Beverly saying, "Come in." In walked Jack Picard who wanted to see his mother for himself. The last he ever saw her was when her hair had turned a nice shade of gray, she was dead, in a casket. A wooden casket.

"Hello." Jack said.

"It is rather curious how we had children, Jean-Luc," Beverly said. "I wonder what made us change our minds."

"You are getting any younger every day," Jack said. "Age has a factor for everything."

"Yes, it does." Beverly said, with a short laugh.

"I am not my father." Jack said.

Beverly turned around toward Jack who had the appearance of a Romulan.

"Romulan?. . ." Beverly said, puzzled. "You had Romulans aboard the ship?"

"No," Jack said, shaking his head. "They did not. Q turned me into a Romulan, your Q at least," his voice was lowered. "Because I offended him."

"Q is a lot of things, but offending him?" Beverly asked.

"Yes,"  Jack said. "He has nerves and I touched one of them."

Beverly smiled.

"That is impressive." Beverly noted.

"It is not impressive seeing a man who should be dead." Jack said, bitterly.

"What did Picard tell you about him?" Beverly asked, with a raised eyebrow.

"Q was a lot of things, but a torturer? No, not that, never that," Jack shook his hand with his head lowered. "On the day he died, or the days he died, I remember them. It has taken a long time to remember them but they are in my memories. He risked himself for my ship and my crew to save lives. I believe he figured that his presence here did more harm than  good."

Beverly gasped.

"You are talking about the time loop." Beverly said.

"Yes." Jack said, with a nod.

"Jean-Luc told me about it, and I couldn't believe it." Beverly said.

"Believe it or not, some days my father had hallucinations about seeing  Q.  . . I believe he has Irumodic Syndrome . . " Jack cleared his throat. "And sometimes he talks to these hallucinations. Riker is the one who usually gets through those fantasys and takes Picard out reminding him that Q  died long ago." He closed his eyes. "My father missed Q and he had something my mother didn't have with him."

"Don't be angry at him because he had a unique friendship," Beverly said. "Be angry at the ones who took your mothers live away."

Jack looked toward Beverly.

"She was just like you; telling me to let it go," Jack said. "But I am not letting it go. Because I don't trust the Q continuum."

"With that hate, nothing good is going to come out of it." Beverly said.

"Really? Is that a challenge?" Jack asked.

"No," Beverly said. "Not at all. I am just saying, if Picard and I had you then Q's relationship didn't have everything. . ."

Jack frown, skeptical.

"But the stories he told. . ."  Jack said.

"The friendship I had with Picard meant more to him than anything. What happened when I died?" Beverly asked.

"He refused to remarry and went on trying to figure out how to make this planet industrialized. He grieved, and  I fear that the grief of losing Q weighed on him that he started slipping away."

Now that made Beverly sad.

"Picard is a good man and grieves in his own way . . ." Beverly said, approaching Jack. "What is your name?"

Jack laughed.

"Jack Picard!" Jack said. "I was named after my dad's old friend."

Beverly hugged Jack and then she cried.

"Jack . . ." Beverly said. "Jack . . . He was my husband."

Jack closed his eyes, now understanding the incident his father referred to.

How sad Beverly and his younger brother were.

How they grieved. 

"I understand now," Jack said, ending the hug. "I really do."

Beverly wiped off a tear.

"Understand what?" Beverly asked,

"My name. . ." Jack said.  "Okay Q, you win! Fine, I am sorry for what  I said!"

In a white flash Jack was human, again, and he had a fair resemblance to Beverly's father except . . he looked a lot like Picard with hair.

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