Ghost Q

Second and final story to Deja Q-ed. Basically it features a story that can't be that well described. . . Well . . . really it involves what happens afterwards when crash landing on a planet called Gavalros Seven homeplanet of a race called the Horseceons.

Started 11.10.2015.

Completed: 11.12.2015 at 8:22 PM.


27. One old friend

. September 17th. ..

 . . . Delta Quadrant . . . 7:29 PM. . 

The Enterprise trembled once the strike of a phaser had landed. On the saucer section of the Enterprise H. Jean-Luc watched helplessly as the Enterprise H rattled. All those lives. They were going to  perish. Why attack the civilians? Who were they after? Who. Then it hit Jean-Luc. He wheeled into the turbo lift then said, "Shuttlebay." The computer chimed, similar to the way it did on the Enterprise he knew too well.

"Spock to Picard," Came Spock's voice. "Where are you going?"

"To Shuttle Bay." Jean-Luc said.

"I highly recommend against that." Spock said.

"Don't you realize the most important asset to the Federation is talking to you? I am a highly regarded man in the Federation and killing me would spark a war. I am not allowing you or anyone else to be put in the way of it. No more lives will be lost because of me."

"My captain is headed for you."  Spock said.

The doors opened.

"I am in the shuttle bay, Mr Spock, perhaps you know how it feels to see your friend dying and you can do something about it. My oldest friend is in there and I have to help him. Picard out."

Jean-Luc wheeled out of the turbo lift.

Jean-Luc speeded down to the nearest shuttle then entered it.

We watch from the back end as the doors closed on our perspective.

Kirk ran out one of the doors right as the shuttle craft lifted off the ground.

"Picard!" Kirk shouted. 

The  shuttle craft departed the Enterprise.

"Picard!" Kirk shouted, again, almost as though hoping his words could get through the metal.

"Spock to Kirk," Spock's voice came over. "Did you get to him?"

"He is gone, Spock."  Kirk said.

The doors to the shuttle bay closed once the shuttle craft exited. Our perspective went into the shuttle craft. Jean-Luc had memories of the time loop that  had resurfaced over the previous ninety-eight years. He knew them all. On the screen appeared Data in what seemed to be a repaired bridge. There were recently promoted Star Fleet members from behind  Data struggling to fight back against the Horseceons. Data looked so human on screen that it didn't matter he was an android,to everyone behind the screen he was a human.

"Captain, I have been informed by Spock of your ill-advised plan to sacrifice yourself to save us," Data said. ". . . Please, don't do this."

"This has been a great voyage, Mr Soong," Jean-Luc said. "But this is where I make my stand." Data's eyes had widened and his mouth started to move in the shape of 'no'. "Goodbye Data." He changed the coordinates straight to the Horseceon. "Picard out."

"No--" Data was cut off as communications were terminated. 

"Picard to Horseceon starship,"  Jean-Luc said. "Picard to Horseceon."

The channels opened to reveal General Hower.

"Ah, the admiral has come to accept his fate?" General Hower asked, with a grin.

"I am only doing this to preserve the life of others," Jean-Luc said. "And possibly thousands."

General Hower laughed.

"How tiny of a human you are," General Hower said. "You are going to be taken down so easily . . ."

"There will be others," Jean-Luc said. "In fact there are some Vulcans, Klingons, and Romulans headed this way. When I die so will any other hope for chances of cease fire. A endless war. Do you want that?" Jean-Luc leaned forward, hands on the console making it seem that he was standing up freely.  "Because I am the last one to warn you about the repercussions that will harm your reputation, family, and respect for generations to come. As Admiral, Representative of the Federation, stand down and go home. We will forget about this ever happening."

General Hower laughed. 

"Hah!" General Hower said. "We. want. war." He turned around. "Fire."

Five rounds were shot.

At the last, the one that destroyed Jean-Luc's shuttle, he felt someone's soft but large hands take his hand then yank him out of his body.

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