Ghost Q

Second and final story to Deja Q-ed. Basically it features a story that can't be that well described. . . Well . . . really it involves what happens afterwards when crash landing on a planet called Gavalros Seven homeplanet of a race called the Horseceons.

Started 11.10.2015.

Completed: 11.12.2015 at 8:22 PM.


17. Get up!

. . . 2464. . .

. . . Enterprise H.  . . September 17th . . .

"Wake up,wake up, wake up, WAKE UP!" It was a male panicked voice.

A voice Jean-Luc hadn't heard in twenty-two years.

Not since the day he was dead for ten minutes.


It was unusual to hear the voice sounding panicked.

Then a loud KABOOM made his bed shake.


Jean-Luc fell out of bed. 

"How many times have I told you not to awake a old man like that,Q?"

"A hundred."

"A thousand times. I swear you are more arrogant dead than alive."

"Oh, why, that is flattering, Number Two."

The only person  Q called 'Number Two' discreetly was William Riker.

"Look, look, loook he's waking up!"

"I told you you didn't need to shake him."

Jean-Luc heard a irritated sigh.

"You are the most softest man on the eldery, Mr Riker."

Jean-Luc's eyes jolted open.

The room was empty but there was plenty of firing going on by the outside.  Alexander came into the room appearing to be scared. He was afraid. The young Klingon usually full of pride, courage, and admiring qualities was afraid. He had fear in his eyes. He had not been in this situation before.  He only came along because Worfian requested him to watch over her grandfather.

"Grandpa, who was in here with you?" Alexander asked.

"The dead."  Jean-Luc said.

The Enterprise shook from side to side.

And that is when one of the blasts struck his room. Alexander leaped in the way of the falling wall material acting as a shield. It struck his back, but did he fall? No!  Not at all. He kept standing up keeping it up from his grandfather while the electricity was sent everywhere erupting out of the machinery. Alexander tossed the wall material off then helped Jean-Luc to his wheelchair. 

The first question out of Alexander's mouth was, "Are you okay?"

"Fine, fine," Jean-Luc said. "Picard to Soong."

No reply.

"PICARD TO DATA!" Jean-Luc shouted.

No reply.

"Commander Clewis to Picard!" Clewis came over. "We are being attacked by the Horseceons! Captain is out of commission."

"Out of commission?" Jean-Luc asked, horrorfied.

"He has been compromised," Clewis explained. "He caught a computer virus before the attack started!  He isn't responding."

Jean-Luc sighed with relief. 

"I will be right there, Commander," Jean-Luc said. "And attack them with all you got. Picard out."

"I can't contact mother," Alexander said, scared. "I am . . ."

"It is all right to be afraid," Jean-Luc said. "It gives us courage. Get my admiral uniform!"

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