Ghost Q

Second and final story to Deja Q-ed. Basically it features a story that can't be that well described. . . Well . . . really it involves what happens afterwards when crash landing on a planet called Gavalros Seven homeplanet of a race called the Horseceons.

Started 11.10.2015.

Completed: 11.12.2015 at 8:22 PM.


30. Epilogue; when the admiral passes

Jean-Luc opened his eyes to see a bright light blinding his eyes. He pushed himself upright to see fine long yellow stocks that were like grass blades but were not. Where am I?, Jean-Luc thought confused and disoriented. The stocks waved back and forth reminding Jean-Luc of the color gold. The admiral had no recollection how he had arrived here. In fact he only remembered a blast on his shuttle, taking someone's hand, and then blacking out.

"Is this. . . heaven?" Jean-Luc asked out loud.

"No, not really," Came Q's voice. "You are in a prairie section of the conservative wildlife area of North Dakota. Which, I should note, is the most forgotten and boring state in the history of novel settings."

Jean-Luc got up  on his two feet being able to feel his legs again.

"Q?" Jean-Luc called.

"You remind me a lot like a little fawn lost without its mother. Oh wait, like Bambi, yes!" He heard the snap of fingers. "That's the picture I am thinking of. In the fall, not the winter time."

Jean-Luc turned until he saw Q's figure leaning against a hollow tree with a toothpick in his mouth only he seemed. . . surreal.

Wasn't heaven plain white and full of people? He was most definitely NOT in heaven.  Jean-Luc didn't realize he had started running toward Q's direction until he heard the snaps of twigs. His almost transparent hands blinking in and out of his eyesight. He felt healthy than he ever been. Q raised a curious brow at the approaching man (who was running rather than walking) headed his way through the field. Q took his side off the tree expecting, probably, for a 'hello, where you been?' 'Q, did you take me out of my body?' 'Q, am I really dead?' 'Q, what in gods name did you do? 'Q, do you know how long I've been waiting to be on the same level with you? 'Q, why are you the only one here?' 'Q, no more vague answers! We are dead. Enough of the games!'

Only instead to be crashed on the floor in what seemed to be a bear hug.

From an outsider's perspective the sound of what seemed to be a landing was . . . sourceless.

No point of origin.

If they followed it to the tree they would see nothing there. 

Only what seemed to be a toothpick embedded in the ground.

"You are lucky I am not a human,Jean-Luc," Q said. "It went through my cranium."

"Shut up, you don't have a cranium." Jean-Luc said.

Q laughed.

"You are right," Q said. "Mon capitaine."

The two got up.

"Q, how did you bring me here?" Jean-Luc asked.

"I am dead, so," Q said. "Being a dead Q means you are capable of what a ghost is. . . Which means we can go anywhere we want and not be seen." He paused. "Except for children, psychics, mediums, believers, cameras (but only as balls),dogs,pets, and animal. We are more like mischevious viewers."

"So if you took a human soul with you.  . ." Jean-Luc said.

"They can go anywhere with a dead Q," Q said. "You are in the plane of the dead. You died one second before the phaser struck the shuttle for the final time." Q smirked. "And that means . . with all of time and space . . . You are stuck with me, Jean-Luc, until I take you straight up there."

Q pointed at the sky.

"Heaven?"  Jean-Luc asked, raising his questionable eyebrows.

"Yes," Q said. "Riker moved on so did Deanna. They are . . lets say. . . reincarnated. As are Worf, Beverly, Jack Crusher, Wesley Crusher, and everyone save for Data."

"Data . . ." Jean-Luc said.

"We can go visit him if you'll like." Q said.

"Do the ghosts of Q get reincarnated?" Jean-Luc asked.

"We can recycle our souls, so yes." Q said.

"And you stayed instead of moving on." Jean-Luc said.

Q sighed.

"In one of those timeloops. . . as you remember. . . When we were discussing about our feelings for one another. ." Q said, tapping his fingers together. "I promised you I would take you with me for eternity for doing what you did and I have yet to forget."

"I remember," Jean-Luc said, with tears in his eyes. "I remember. . ."

Q caught Jean-Luc as his legs gave out.

"Now, now,now," Q said, sounding concerned. "I am here.  . . Okay, let's pop in randomly on Data on the view screen!"

The two vanished without a flash.

Our time stream goes into January 2466, two years since the launch of the Enterprise-I that is, as typical, a Galaxy. A lot bigger though to accommodate for the new personnel. Data sat in the captain's chair reading a datapad regarding forces being sent to the planet Gavalros Seven. Tallyanne looked up toward the screen seeing adventure, new civilizations, and a war brewing in the Delta Quadrant.  Data's internal viewing mechanisms were edited by Q to return to normal eyesight  after the precise appearance of the two.

Data looked up toward the viewer screen.

There he saw what appeared to be Jean-Luc Picard and Q, with Q's arm wrapped around Jean-Luc's shoulder.

Data's mind went racing.

Q found the captain.

That was the only thought Data had on his processor.

Data leaned forward seeing his old friend.

Jean-Luc had a little wave at the android.

"You will see us, from time to time, Captain Data," Jean-Luc said. "I assure you that."

"Goodbye Data." Data heard Geordi's voice.

Data looked over to see no one there then turned his head back toward the screen.

"Let's explore the multiverse, Q." Jean-Luc said.

Q smiled.

"I like what you are thinking, mon capitaine." Q said.

They vanished off the view screen.

The End.

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