Ghost Q

Second and final story to Deja Q-ed. Basically it features a story that can't be that well described. . . Well . . . really it involves what happens afterwards when crash landing on a planet called Gavalros Seven homeplanet of a race called the Horseceons.

Started 11.10.2015.

Completed: 11.12.2015 at 8:22 PM.


18. Admiral on ze bridge

 . . . 2464. . .

. . .Bridge. . . 15 minutes later . .

This was a Galaxy model, surely, it was. The bridge was a mess. The ceiling collapsed revealing the wall panels above. Clewis, a unusual Telillian halfbreed who still has four arms, a unusual forehead ridge, and scales along his neck almost startled Jean-Luc. Telillian's were well known for giving massages that were quite remarkable. Very remarkable. So remarkable that if one with two arms tried it they would most certainly fail.  Alexander brought Jean-Luc over to Clewis. This bridge was different; it had a light purple paint job, soft blue rug, a transparent glass ceiling in the shape of a dome right above that had cracks in it. It was very strong enough that not a phaser blast can shatter it.

"Admiral," Clewis said, as the Enterprise trembled from side to side. "Where do we shoot?"

Jean-Luc looked at the unforgettable sight of the Horseceon.

He remembered being in this situation on the run from them.

Data had reported they hit the rear end part of the ship which as it turned out was the tail section that was scarred badly and severely enough they made quite the damage.

"Hit the section that looks like a ducks bill," Jean-Luc said.

Clewis nodded straight to the Romulan at tactile/security.

Torpedoes fired at the firing Horseceon impacting the tail section. The first horseceon starship drifted back spinning in circles. 

"Again." Jean-Luc said. 

The Horsceons have not ended on good terms with the Federation.  The phaser struck the middle half of the Horseceon starship, once then twice and then a third time until it had struck the bridge section. The space ship began to devour itself burning inside out. Three more Horseceon starships appeared firing at the Enterprise-H.

"I say this is the end." Clewis said.

"This is NOT the end," Jean-Luc said. "This is only the beginning,Mr Clewis!"

"They really want it," The  Romulan said. "They want war."

Alexander gasped, then over to the slumped body of a aged Klingon woman. 

"Mother!" Alexander cried, picking her up into his arms. 

She had no pulse. 

"Then the Federation will give them war!" Jean-Luc said. 

He felt his heart skip a beat.

Jean-Luc's world started to grow dizzy.

"No,not now,Mon amiral," He heard Q. "No, you stubborn old man, you are staying RIGHT where you are!"

Jean-Luc felt as though someone was preventing him from leaving.

"Admiral?" Clewis asked, noticing the sudden change in Jean-Luc's attitude.

"Captain, listen to Q for once!"  Riker plead. "You are not ready."

Where were the voices coming from?

Was his old age getting to him?

He could not be sure if this was part of Irumodic syndrome.

Were they even real?

"I am fine.  . ." Jean-Luc lied.

The voices that belonged to the dead had long faded. The Enterprise was struck right at the saucer section making the entire bridge tremble. But the cry of Alexander was greater than the sound of energy striking against the metal section to the Enterprise. Jean-Luc made the call right there. They had to evacuate the saucer section and send the civilian life out of harms way. It was the only way. But it would take time. They would be shot down. Slapped down like a fly in mid-flight by a rolled up magazine then squashed down on the table.

"We need to fire at them with what we got," Jean-Luc said. "We can't stop fighting."

The bridge section was struck.

"Ahhh!" Clewis shouted, flying out of the apparently-not-so-indestructible-glass-dome-that-now-has-a-god-damn-huge-hole.

Clewis vanished out of Jean-Luc's eyesight shortly after his scream became voiceless and his skin became covered in ice.

The Romulan put up a barrier.

"As you were saying?" The Romulan asked.

"I will never let this ship go down with myself on board," Jean-Luc said. "Never!"

In a white flash on the view screen appeared the original Enterprise that was upgraded and it sent numerous rays of phasers after the Horseceons. Jean-Luc gasped at the screen stunned to see what should be in the dreams of a engineer. It was impossible. It was a fantasy that only Star Fleet members would play around with in their head as would Picard. Jean-Luc saw the resemblance that was very there on the Enterprise. Strongly there,so much he could see the design of the old on top a sleeker version.

On the screen appeared James T Kirk.

"And when are we?" Kirk asked.

Jean-Luc noticed this was a fairly young Kirk

"2464,"  Jean-Luc said. "I am Admiral Jean-Luc Picard."

Kirk's eyes widened, as though thinking: Oh, that guy.  Oh. That guy. THAT GUY.

"Sulu, fire  torpedoes on the firing star ships," Kirk said.

"Aye aye, captain," Sulu said.

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