Ghost Q

Second and final story to Deja Q-ed. Basically it features a story that can't be that well described. . . Well . . . really it involves what happens afterwards when crash landing on a planet called Gavalros Seven homeplanet of a race called the Horseceons.

Started 11.10.2015.

Completed: 11.12.2015 at 8:22 PM.


16. A deal with the devil

. . . 2371. . .

. . . USS Voyager.  . .

"Tuvok to Janeway."  Tuvok said.

"Janeway here."  Janeway said.

"Captain, we have reason to believe we are in the middle of a ion storm," Tuvok said. "Slight warning for the power going out."

"Understood," Janeway said.  "Janeway out."

Janeway was in a bath tub with bubbles, Chakotay is playing tennis with the Doctor, Tom Paris and Ensign Kim are busy trying to ask out two girls out, so here is Neelix offering some lunch to the bridge crew. Tuvok saw a white flash appear. He stood up from the chair startled. In a white flash appeared what seemed to be a upgraded version of the well known Enterprise 1701 captained by James T Kirk and his first officer Spock. No one on both ships suspect this. It had suddenly appeared in thin air. There is only one kind of being capable of making such a feat happen in a white flash: Q.  Tuvok expected the long talked about entity to appear any second.

Tuvok stood up from the chair and started the communications.

"This is Senior Officer Tuvok of Vulcan aboard the USS Voyager," Tuvok said. "Who are you?"

He knew the answer.

But this?

This was too far. 

On the screen appeared a young man with bright blue eyes, slunked in the captain's seat, blonde hair, a youthful look about him, and the background seemed to be white.

"This is Captain James T Kirk of the Enterprise," Kirk said. "Tuvok, of Vulcan, I thought males names started with a 's'."

Tuvok looked around then back to the screen.

"You . .  ." Tuvok said. "Look nothing like our version of Captain Kirk."

Kirk raised a brow.

"Version?" Kirk said.

"Yes," Tuvok said. "Are you familiar to Time Travel?"

Kirk looked over to Spock's direction, assumingly, then back to  Tuvok.

"Why yes," Kirk said. "Very familiar. Three years ago we fixed a mess by Prime Spock."

Tuvok blinked.

"The events leading to your quantum universe has  yet to happen," Tuvok said. "You are in the Prime Timeline." Tuvok tapped on his communicator. "Captain Janeway, we seem to have a problem. We have a Alternate Universe version of Kirk and his crew  right across from the Voyager."

Kirk had lowered his brow.

"Did Q just send us here?" Kirk asked.

"And I believe Q is the culprit." Tuvok said.

"The .  . .  what?" Janeway asked, stunned.

"Enterprise, Captain." Tuvok repeated.

There was silence.

"I am on my way," Janeway said. "Janeway out."

Kirk put his hands in a ball under his chin.

Kirk had a 'bitter enemy' relationship with Q. Well, more so with Spock but being thrown into their future one hundred some years was quite annoying and risked some of his crew members. Q had done enough for the crew of the Enterprise. Enough. Tuvok left the view screen going to the other side of the room. Fifteen minutes after staring at a well organized bridge, there appeared a woman with bun hair and a man with dark hair along with a unique tattoo that reminded Kirk of some Native American drawing. Her eyes seemed to be widened in disbelief at first staring right at time and the man appeared skeptical at best.

"Hello," Kirk said. "Where are we? Well.  . . when are we?"

"You are in 2371 in the Delta  Quadrant," Janeway said. "I am Captain Kathryn Janeway of the USS Voyager."

Kirk lowered his hands.

"Have you encountered a entity known as Q?" Kirk asked.

"No, but I have heard of him from Picard." Janeway said.

"You never actually met him." Kirk said.

"No, I have not." Janeway said, slowly shaking her head.

Q2 appeared on the bridge of the Voyager in a white flash.

"Hello, both crews," Q2 said, drawing Janeway's attention. "I am not the Q you are thinking of. He died," he shook his hand. "At least the timeline  where I am from."

"You are not Q!" Kirk said. "I know you. You are the guy who sent us right back into the mess Q sent us and then he saved our asses by getting us out of there!  He told me we were put in a timelock." Kirk stood up. "I formally request that you return us to where we belong. This isn't our time and I will not, ever, believe you are here for any good."

Q2 smiled.

"Captain, I highly recommend we do not anger this entity." Spock said.

"Too late," Q2 said, snapping his fingers. Tom Paris and Ensign Kim were on the bridge at their stations. "You'll thank me later."

"Uh, Captain?" Paris asked, confused.

Ensign Kim saw Q2 in a old uniform that wasn't a jumpsuit.

"For what?" Chakotay asked.

"This." Q2 said, with a grin.

With a snap of his fingers the Enterprise vanished in a white flash behold the viewer screen.

"Where did you send them!" Janeway asked. 

Q2 shrugged.

"Where ever they are best needed," Q2 said. "Would you like to join them?"

Janeway glared at Q2. 

"What do you mean by the timeline you come from?" Janeway calmly asked.

Tuvok had his eyes on the entity.

"Your Q is still alive," Q2 said. "Though if you like to skip the next seven years and get home early, then I can send you right back or let you join the fight that is on-going." Q2 walked around a frozen Janeway unable to move. Come to think of it, nobody in the room can move. "Skipping every single intervention heralded by Q in this timeline. You are not in the prime timeline so  I can dismiss you to the Alpha Quadrant."  He rubbed his hands together coming to a stop one foot away from Janeway but in her line of vision. He had a look about his eye.  "Would you like that, dear Janeway?"

With her entire crew on her shoulders and their yearning to go home.

All eyes were on Janeway.

"I would." Janeway said.

Q2 smiled.

"Ah, finally getting through that thick stubborn skull," Q2 said, holding his hand up. "The Enterprise will need all the help she can get."

Q2 snapped his fingers making a white flash engulf the entire Voyager.

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