Ghost Q

Second and final story to Deja Q-ed. Basically it features a story that can't be that well described. . . Well . . . really it involves what happens afterwards when crash landing on a planet called Gavalros Seven homeplanet of a race called the Horseceons.

Started 11.10.2015.

Completed: 11.12.2015 at 8:22 PM.


20. A couple decades from now

. . . 2450. . .

. .  Earth 2. . .12:49 AM. . .

There were thieves on the prowl. They were in dark attire. Earth 2 wasn't as advanced and did not have massive security measures for the houses. The admiral section was easy to break into. Every admiral house was, in fact, pretty easy to break into. They had the old doors that had door knobs were not sliding doors. Nobody really thought of crime going on under the noses of the elderly. In fact they just broke into the house of Jean-Luc Picard.


Yes, they were a pair of stupid humans.

"Hey,Hankerlson," Came Carlizon holding a flash light. "I think we are in the house of the admiral who hasn't stepped on a bridge for years."

Hankerlson was grabbing stuff and putting them into a bag.

Expensive stuff.

"What makes you say that?" Hankerlson asked.

"Look, Hank." Carlizon said.

Hankerlson turned around toward the lighted photograph of Admiral Picard.

"Oh, that guy."  Hanklerson said.

"Shame, really, I heard he was a legendary captain." Carlizon said, shaking his head.

Hanklerson stopped, looking up toward Carlizon.

"Legendary?" Hanklerson asked. "Define that."

"He met with Spock, Sarek, met Q, another Q, and you know the good stuff." Carlizon said, shaking his hand up and down dramatically.

"The good stuff about him being the target of several Romulan military campaigns to rattle the Klingon-Federation trust: yep, that," Hankerlson said. "They targeted Worf a couple times. The last time they targeted him was leaving them stranded on a planet for seventy-three years and they survived, how unimpressive, they survive everything!" He had lowered his voice to a whisper. "I am not surprised by  the stories they tell of the Enterprises namesakes. It is expected these days."

Carlizon stopped, insulted.

"Hey, my grandparent was part of that crew." Carlizon said.

"Which one?" Hanklerson asked.

"The one who operated the science station, the second station behind the tactile officer." Carlizon said.

"You are compromised on this house," Hanklerson said. "Get out while you can."

Carlizon growled.

"I never knew the captain's name," Carlizon said. "But my father looks up to him like you wouldn't believe."

Carlizon went out of the house.

"Coward!" Hanklerson whispered back.

The sack of belongings somehow fell out of  Carlizon's hands not intentionally.  Carlizon looked over his shoulder expecting to see the bag but he did not see it on the ground. It was no where in sight. Carlizon's eyes widened, fearful, he respected the ideas of ghosts existing including the supernatural. However, he wouldn't just drop it  that easily. Carlizon looked down toward his hands to see them covered in burns.  His mind was boggled. He was scared out of his wits! A silent scream fell out of his mouth. Carlizon ran down the street with tears coming out of his eyes. 

His father would be so ashamed of him if Carlizon told him what he was participating in.

Our view returned back inside the Picard household.

Hankerlson got closer and closer to the room of Picard.  Hankerlson did not have respect what so ever to admirals, what so ever. He came from a family who stole and got along easily with the Ferengi regarding marketing, goods, and valuables but never did they ask where the family got them from. The intensity of the room went dark. Hankerlson went past Alexander's room. Alexander turned in his bed then let one of his hands fall off while another hand had left a imprint on his face. No, he did not snore. Alexander had a nightlight on. This Alexander is Picard's great grandson. He was a Klingon child in PJ's.

When suddenly a vase smacked in to Hankerlson's chest.

Hanklerson fell straight on his back.

"Damn," Hanklerson said. "There goes a expensive fortune."

Hanklerson saw the photographs on the wall shaking making sounds hitting the wall as they did.

It reminded Hanklerson of a scary movie.

He crawled back seeing the lights blink on and off.

"Leave, and never come back." Came a deep voice where a shadow appeared below the blinking light.

Hanklerson let out a short scream then scrambled up letting go of the sack. He was chased after by other valuables hitting his back thereby breaking apart.

He ran out of the house afraid.

Swearing to himself he would never visit that house again.

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