Ghost Q

Second and final story to Deja Q-ed. Basically it features a story that can't be that well described. . . Well . . . really it involves what happens afterwards when crash landing on a planet called Gavalros Seven homeplanet of a race called the Horseceons.

Started 11.10.2015.

Completed: 11.12.2015 at 8:22 PM.


19. 54 years ago

. . Several decades ago . . .

 . . . Gavalros Seven . . .

The senior officers (except for Jean-Luc) were in the battle briefing room having a discussion regarding Jean-Luc's visible declining mental health.

"Well, it seems the captain won't make it to his nineties." Riker said.

"Sure, he will," Geordi said. "He just needs help."

"The help we don't have," Beverly said. "This planet's land properties can't keep him sane."

Worf lowered his head with a sigh. 

"He is a great warrior," Worf said, raising his head back up.  "My father would have been honored to know such a strong man."

"It is still a miracle he is still alive," Riker added. "But recently he has been encountering hallucinations regarding Q. . . Or at least one of them."

They were dressed in what seemed to be clothing made out of some material that was local. Perhaps it was fur? Perhaps.

"Q. . ." Worf said, as his fingers bend and curled up with his hands on the table. "If I could get my hands on him. . ."

Deanna sighed.

"Perhaps the Horseceons can help." Deanna suggested.

"Help?" Riker repeated,not at all pleased by the idea. "Last time we asked they came up with nothing."

"I believe we may need to visit their psychic," Beverly said. "I am not a big  fan of it but just to be sure."

"That is a good idea," Geordi added. "I have heard stories including one where a Vulcan goes to a Psychic unsure of whether or not to pursue their career of choice, Psychic told him 'You will be in the science branch' and since he enjoys working in science he deduces it is a logical choice so he chooses the science branch."

". . .Geordi, that is because he could choose," Riker said. "And did this Psychic happen to be a Vulcan?"

Geordi shook his head. 

"No, Commander," Geordi said. "She was a human."

"All right," Riker said. "We are going to give this  'Psychic' a try and if we get 'he will die because one of you'   we will disregard the notion of Psychics, is that clear?" Most of the silent Senior Officers at the table nodded. "All right,this meeting is over."

Most of the senior officers stood up then filed out of the room until only Beverly remained.

"Riker . . ." Beverly said. "I have a feeling . . . Let it be women's intuition. . . That this will pass and he will outlive us."

"Out live us . . ." Riker said, in a low voice. "I can't picture the idea of the captain being alone."

"Perhaps he won't." Worf said.

Their attention turned toward the door.

"Worf?" Riker said, raising a brow.

"There are Klingon stories where the dead Klingon do not go to Gre'thor or Sto-vo-kor but instead stay behind to watch over their loved ones," Worf said. "I believe humans have the same philosophy. They stay behind to make sure their friends or loved ones do not die prematurely or no harm comes to them that should not happen until their time has arrived."

Riker lowered his brow.

"Interesting," Beverly said. "That is true.  Though they are often referred to as guardian angels or ghosts."

"Indeed." Worf said, with a nod.

"Would you go or stay?" Riker asked.

"I would go," Worf said. "As my time here has been well spent."

Worf shared a nod with Riker then he left the room.

"I would go too . . ." Beverly added, then she looked over to Riker. "If you got the news regarding the captain. . . Would you go?"

Riker shrugged.

"I haven't decided." Riker said.

Beverly had a small smile. 

"I will see you after you get back." Beverly said. 

Beverly went out the door. Riker followed suit.  The only two in the battle bridge was Worf leaned against the wall chatting with Alexander regarding what the meeting was about. Alexander had the appearance of a young teenage Klingon. Beverly had went out the room through the doors. Worf turned his head toward  Riker.

"I am going with you,Commander," Worf said. "Someone has to make sure you are not attacked."

"So am I." Alexander said.

Riker had a short laugh.

"Complete with the cavalry," Riker said. "Nice touch."

Horseceons were not known to attack on the settlement but they had to be prepared.

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