The Caspian Bedwyr Case Files

Paranormal experiences as told through the blog posts of Caspian Bedwyr under the pen name of Owain Gawain.
[This is not the final draft of the blurb. If you think of a good one let me know and I might just use it!]


4. Monday, June 13th, 2016



Sorry for not updating yesterday. I planned too, but the landlord and came over with a repairman to see if they could fix the lights. The lights in the apartment I just recently moved into have been flickering, as well as a strong draft in the kitchen, and cold spots all over. When my landlord arrived to see what the problem was with the lights, he asked me if that was the only issue I had been having with the place (I think he may have seen the space heater and had suspicions, but that's not important).

Now, my better judgement told me not to say anything, not to be that tenant that complains about everything, but at the same time, he asked, didn't he?

So, I told him about the draft and the cold spots and asked if the heating was bad due to the age of the building. He gave me a funny look and explained that the furnace in the basement had just been replaced last year and that the rest of the building was normal temperature. He then told me that the cold might be due to the draft I had been getting and offered to have the repairman check on that as well. The repairman fiddled with some wiring and felt around for drafts, you know the usual repairman stuff, and they went on their way.

What I found weird though, was the fact that the lights didn't flicker once while they were here. Nothing was blown around in the kitchen either. And not a single cold spot. Maybe it's a coincidence? Whatever, it's no big deal, I'm not in some cheesy horror movie.

I think the repair guy must have scrapped my wall with one of his tools too. I just noticed it as I was typing, so maybe it wasn't him, but I have been sitting here to post nearly everyday and haven't noticed it until now. Whatever, it's no big deal, I can put a poster over it or something. Later guys!


~Owain Gawain~

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