The Caspian Bedwyr Case Files

Paranormal experiences as told through the blog posts of Caspian Bedwyr under the pen name of Owain Gawain.
[This is not the final draft of the blurb. If you think of a good one let me know and I might just use it!]


2. Friday, June 10th, 2016

Apartment Update!


Owain Gawain is back! Sorry it took so long to give you guys an update, unpacking everything took a lot longer than I thought it would. I don't have much exciting things going on right now, so you guys get another apartment update.

I think I might have a strong draft in the kitchen. I say might because I don't feel one, but things kept falling off the table and counters yesterday while I was unpacking. I have no pets, and I wasn't in the room, I live alone too, so the only logical explanation is a strong draft. But here's the weird part, I've never felt a draft in any part of my apartment. I tried to ask my neighbours if they knew if the building was drafty or not, but as usual, none of them will talk to me. 

There's another thing too, sometimes certain rooms get really cold for no reason. Once again, my neighbours refuse to speak to me, so I can't exactly ask them about the building. This isn't a big deal though, it's just a little unpleasant. The building is an older one though, so I guess that's why it's drafty and has low quality heating? I dunno, maybe I'll ask the landlord soon. I just don't want to be that annoying tenant that goes to the landlord for everything, nobody likes that guy.

Anyway, I've got to log off, I've got to work. Let me know if you guys have any tips for drafts and poorly heated buildings! Thanks again!


~Owain Gawain~

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