Your Year At Hogwarts

Have you ever wondered what your year at Hogwarts would be like? You can create a character and I will pick 8 of the best ones to be in the story! If you want to participate, please click on the story and start reading. You will find more information there. Good luck! :)


1. Information:

If you want to submit a character, you can do so in the comments. Here's the info I need for your character:

1. Name (of character)

2. House

3. Pet (if you want)

4. Wand

5. Best subject

6. Year

7. Personality

8. Looks (hair color, hight, eye color, etc.)

9. Do you play quidditch?

10. Do you have any interest in being a prefect or head boy/girl?

11. Do you have anything else you would like to add? (if so, add it!)

I will pick two characters from each house. Please only submit one character! Good Luck!

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