Michael the babysitter

Minas mum is gone for 5 months and Michael gets left to babysit....what happens when bad boy Babysitter Michael wants mins for his own…


6. Chapter 4

I went downstairs to get something to eat...

Michael was standing in the kitchen with his shirt off!!!

I had just or there when I see him and my eyes widened...

I stood there ....

"Minaaaa!" Michael Sang

"No staring now...I mean unless you give up and you want to get crazy upstairs...."

I touched my head and walked over to the fridge....

"Chicken sticks, and pickled onions OMG!!! Yes!!!"

I walked over to the microwave

"You wanna hug?"

Oh god......



"Mina I bet your fuckin loving this"....

I breathed in heavily

He stopped and looked at me

"Remember you can stop the pain anytime you want....just one kiss and you can have all of this...."

Yeh I'm gonna go and eat my food now, I took my food upstairs and ran back down to get a drink but then....

Michael didn't have any fuckin trousers on so he was literally in just boxers...

Now I actually believe I am fuckin staring....

He clearly turned around and saw me and he started laughing....

I started walking slowly towards the fridge...

"Hey babe" he said

"Hi..." I said my voice was now shaking I'm gonna fuckin die!

I could hear him mumbling to himself but I dunno what..

I walked over and got a can if cola out of the fridge...

I ran back up to my room...

I facetimed my best friend sin was while I ate my food aswell

"Oh my god Jess please help me!"

"With what she laughed"

"My frickin babysitter Michael he's so fucking hot"

"Oh how?"

"He is just ooft he's so hot and mumma , I wanna piece of that but I need to win the bet!"

"What bet?" Jess asked

"Oh the bet were I bet Michael I will never go out with him tbh he will probably win?"

"Oh we'll Jess laughed"

"See I never win at any of these thing but I'm telling myself too"

So me and Jess talks and talked about Michael for ages but then Hess had To go!

"See you at school bye and Luv ya!"

"Okay luv ya 2 byeeeee"

I walked out of my room to see Michael standing there

"So?, you think I'm hawt do you?"

I looked at him,

"Um, no!"

"So you and your friend were talking about a guy called Michael, with red hair, green eyes, pale skin and he's babysitting you that's not me?"

I fake yawned

"Oh god I'm tired night night!"

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