Michael the babysitter

Minas mum is gone for 5 months and Michael gets left to babysit....what happens when bad boy Babysitter Michael wants mins for his own…


5. chapter 3

Minas P.O.V

"What bet?"

"Right" Michael started

"If you don't get anywhere with me I'll give you anything you want!"

I smiled at the idea


Oh god there's always a but

"BUT!...if you get somewhere with me you go out with me?"

I thought to myself well he is hot so why not?

"Fine" I put to hand out for him to shake

"I dunno if you'll win this by the way mina!"

I glared at Michael

"And how's that?"

"When I was at the front door you were staring.....like you are now?!"

"Oh...em...I'm IM NO STARING! I'm just..."


"I'm gonna go and take a shower now because I have school and I can't be bothered going in the morning"

"I'll come with you if you want?" Michael suggested...

I looked at him

"What dafuq no!"

He laughed to hisself

I ran up to my bedroom and started texting my best friend Sofie,

S- Sofie M- me

M- hey Sofie

S- hey mina!, is your babysitter there?! 😂

M- yeh and he's so hot

S- what do you mean?

M- he's like someone you would find out of a band and oh god every time I see him it's like a frickin punch in the stomach!

S- oh right I get it

M- oh my gooooooood I want him so bad...😩

S- okaaaaaaaaaaaaay 😂😂😢

M- the problem is I can't...

S- how?

M- we made a bet if I don't get anywhere with him then he owes me anything I want but if I get somewhere with him I get to go out with him but I'm so determined not to do it ....

S- em okay?😂 we'll I'm going in the shower I'll FaceTime you later 😘

M- okay bye ly❤️

S- ly2 ❤️

God I don't make any sense at all...

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