Michael the babysitter

Minas mum is gone for 5 months and Michael gets left to babysit....what happens when bad boy Babysitter Michael wants mins for his own…


3. chapter 2

It hit 5:00 and the amazing world of gumball is on so I am watching that and I was eating nachos!

"So much for a fuckin babysitter" I said to myself and at that moment in time there was a knock at the door,

I swung my legs off the couch and walked over to the door I opened the door and oh my freakin god the boy that stood at the door he was tall, he had pale skin but striking RED! Hair he had piercing green eyes and an eyebrow piercing he was wearing a long, long sleeved black jumper with black skinny jeans and black combat boots he looked so freakin hot!

"I know I'm sexy as fuck but you don have to Stare" and at that time I snapped our of my daydream

"Ummm excuse me" and he walked into my house...

"The names Michael what's yours?"


He sat down

"We'll what's prettier your name or your face?"

I stood there



"Tbh, your face!" I blushed

"So? Mina your 17?"

"Yes...yes I am?"

Michael chuckled a bit

"So your 17 but you need someone to look after you?"

"Umm, yes..."

"What the? What the fuck did you do?"

"Oh well I, had a house party that was all boys and about two of my friends, had music playing at the loudest possible at 12 in the morning and I set fire to my kitchen"

Michael looked at the ceiling then at me and he smirked...

"Do you know at that all boys thing?"

I nodded

"Did you?---"

"Did I?"

He started making hand gestures 👉👌

"Oh god, what dafuq no!"

He laughed,

"Michael I'm a fuckin virgin!"

He looked at me straight in the eye..

"I can change that if you want"

I looked at the ground

"Michael-we are never going to get anywhere"

"I Bet you we will"

"I bet you we won't "

And me and Michael went in for two minutes

"Right right" Michael said and we both stopped

"We'll have a bet...."

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