Scarlett Wells' Chapters of Witchcraft

Scarlett Wells is no ordinary girl... She was raised by a squib after her mother was killed by Lord Voldemort, and when she receives her letter from Hogwarts she was as excited as ever, however, Scarlett doesn't know what is soon to come at Hogwarts.. Was befriending the famous Harry Potter a good idea if it would get her into so much trouble? Maybe... Or maybe not..


6. The Sorting Hat

The headmaster caught my eye as I looked up, and with a sparkle as he looked away, smiled when he saw Harry being sorted into Gryffindor.

Harry sat next to me, and all around us more mumbles could be heard, as well as loud cheers.

"We got both Potter and Wells!" Was heard.

"Wells and Potter?! Gryffindor getting the house cup this year, I'll tell ya that!" We heard an Irish boy say.

Hermione, the girl that was looking for a toad on the Hogwarts Express, got sorted into Gryffindor and sat opposite me, next to Ron who was facing Harry, saying something about a wand.

"I mean, it's okay, just nothing too powerful. What core've you got?" He said to Harry.

"Er.. I think it was Pheonix Feather that Ollivander said. I guess it's not that powerful either." Harry replied.

"Pheonix Feather? That's actually pretty rare. Apparently You-Know-Who-" Ron shuddered, "-had the same type of core.."

"Well I got-" Hermione started, but Ron, who didn't seem to hear her, cut her off.

"What core do you have, Scarlett?" Ron asked me.

"Oh... I think it's Pheonix Feather or something.." I replied.

"Wow. You both have Pheonix Feather. ." Hermoine said. Ron nodded.

To be honest, I was chuffed just to have a wand, I didn't care whether it was amazingly rare or not, but I joined in the conversation anyway, until the sorting was over and Dumbledore stood up to make a speech. He mentioned something about a forest, and then a few more announcements about teachers, and then said, "Let the feast begin!"

All of a sudden, huge plates of amazing food appeared in front of us. There was chicken, lamb, turkey, potatoes, chips, peas, mushrooms, fish, gravy and every great food you could think of. Our cups instantly filled with Pumpkin Juice, and after a while the food disappeared and dessert replaced it; Apple Pie, Apple Crumble, Custard, Creme Brûlée, Fruit Cake, Chocolate Cake and even more.

Once the feast had ended, Dumbledore said, "Pip Pip, off to bed." and we were led to our new dorms by the prefects.

"Excuse me, Miss Wells." A greasy haired, black-eyed man said to me coldly. "The headmaster would like a word. This way please."

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