Scarlett Wells' Chapters of Witchcraft

Scarlett Wells is no ordinary girl... She was raised by a squib after her mother was killed by Lord Voldemort, and when she receives her letter from Hogwarts she was as excited as ever, however, Scarlett doesn't know what is soon to come at Hogwarts.. Was befriending the famous Harry Potter a good idea if it would get her into so much trouble? Maybe... Or maybe not..


1. The Letter

In the summer I'd usually wake up at ten. That's why I was so annoyed when I woke up to this:

"Scarlett! Get down here!" my Adoptive mother, Ella, called up to me.

I groaned and shouted back down, "What's the time?"

When the reply was nine, I wasn't pleased, but I couldn't be bothered to have a whole disagreement about it, so I threw on a red skater dress and my favourite white converse, put my hair into a messy braid and ran down to the kitchen in the space of ten minutes.

When I got to the kitchen I sat down and picked up a letter that was set down in front of my usual chair.

"I can't believe it! I knew this would happen! I'm so happy! JACK! GET DOWN HERE! NOW!"

Waking up her boyfriend, Jack, probably wasn't the best move, but she was extremely excited for some reason.

Without asking I looked at the seal on the letter and rolled my eyes. Hogwarts.

"See, Scar, I told you! Your mother would be so proud. Even Albus Dumbledore knew living with a squib after your mother died wouldn't change the fact that you're going to be an amazing witch!" Ella exclaimed.

To tell a long story short, my mother died when I was one. It was back when this guy called Voldemort was around, and he was into all this terrible dark magic. He killed a load of great wizards, witched and even muggles (Non magic people), and unfortunately my mum was one of them. My dad had died before that in a broom accident. I'm a pure blood living with two squibs, and I've been able to do little bits of magic since I was a toddler. Ella was my dad's half-sister, and also the way he and my mum met. She was my mum's best friend.

"Ella, it's not a big deal." I said. She had known this would happen, and prepared my for my whole life. We live in the muggle world because she thinks that a good education in muggle studies is vital to getting a good job in the magic world when I'm older, and she says I'll have an advantage over the other students (specifically Slytherins. She hates Slytherins).

"Of course it's a big deal! You're going to be in Ravenclaw like your parents were! We'll go to Diagon Alley right away! I mean, me and you. I don't see Jack getting up at any point." Ella replied.

She left a note for Jack on the kitchen table and put on her coat while I stood there looking at her like she was crazy. Well. She was acting it.

"God, Scarlett! Put on your coat!" she said, throwing it on top of my head.

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