Scarlett Wells' Chapters of Witchcraft

Scarlett Wells is no ordinary girl... She was raised by a squib after her mother was killed by Lord Voldemort, and when she receives her letter from Hogwarts she was as excited as ever, however, Scarlett doesn't know what is soon to come at Hogwarts.. Was befriending the famous Harry Potter a good idea if it would get her into so much trouble? Maybe... Or maybe not..


2. Diagon Alley

Getting to Diagon Alley was difficult, but we got there in the end.

Ella took the list out of her coat pocket.

"The first on the list is getting your robes.. But there's more exciting stuff to buy than that. Let's get your.. Do you want a Toad, Cat or Owl?" Ella asked.

"Why don't we have a look? I'd like to decide when I see them." I replied.

We went to the Owlery and had a look at the Owls. They were nice and everything, definitely cuter than frogs, but I felt like having a cat would be more company.

We went to Magical Menagerie and had a look at the kittens. They were adorable! I ended up going for a Russian Blue cross with a Persian. It's little squashed face looked adorable and grumpy.

Next up was Ollivanders wand shop.

"Miss..." Ollivander studied my face for a minute, and then said, "Miss Wells?"

I raised my eyebrows, surprised he knew who I was.

"Miss Wells, both of your parents wands had the core of Dragon heartstring. Might you break that tradition? Let's see." Ollivander said. He practically didn't let me get a word in edgeways.

"Hmm. Might I ask you to try Dragon heartstring first with snake wood?" Ollivander asked. Before I could reply he placed a long, dark stick in my hand and asked me to flick it towards a book shelf. This didn't end well, and the bookshelf had turned from Mahogany to Burnt wood.

"Right... Maybe... Troll whisker? Yes, let's try that." I try another wand and it knocks out a whole shelf of books, just missing Ella's head.

"Oh." he said. It was the most simple thing I had yet heard him say.

He tried me on Vella hair and Coral, next, but they didn't seem to click either.

"Well... I have a wand here I think... Might..." He frowned, and then took out another leather box. Inside it lay a long, mahogany coloured, thin stick. "This is extremely rare. It's double cored. Thestral tail hair and Pheonix Feather on Rosewood. Very powerful.. But it could work."

He handed me the wand, and I flicked it towards a book shelf. It lit up red and butterflies flew from the tip out of the shop window.

"It works! Well, there you go Miss Wells. Be careful with that wand."

We left and finally got the robes and cauldrons and books, the boring ones.

When we finished shopping Ella took me into The Leaky Cauldron and bought me a Butterbeer, which I believed I may have became addicted to. And it also turned out my parents left me a small fortune in Gringotts. Nice.



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