Scarlett Wells' Chapters of Witchcraft

Scarlett Wells is no ordinary girl... She was raised by a squib after her mother was killed by Lord Voldemort, and when she receives her letter from Hogwarts she was as excited as ever, however, Scarlett doesn't know what is soon to come at Hogwarts.. Was befriending the famous Harry Potter a good idea if it would get her into so much trouble? Maybe... Or maybe not..


3. Boarding the Hogwarts Express

The day of going to Hogwarts had finally arrived! I was so excited, but I was also worried about making friends.

I hadn't named my kitten yet. He was smokey grey, with hazel eyes and a long tail. As he was a long haired Persian he was also fluffy and his hair was hard to get rid of off of clothes.

Ella pulled up in the car park of the station and beamed, but her eyes looked glassy.

"You're going to make me so proud, Scar. And your mother. If only she could see you now..." Ella said. "Take care."

Ella handed me my ticket. I hugged her, and walked into the station dragging my suitcase behind me. The kitten was in a little portable kitten pouch around my body like a bag, tucked away. The sides of it were netted in translucent thread, and the top was round and velcroed down.

I looked around, unsure of where to go. Platform 9 and 3/4... Where was that supposed to be?

I approached a ticket inspector and asked him, but he just laughed and said "Are you and your friends playing some kind of game? Kids these days... I've had three of you come up to me already!"

I looked behind me.

"Scarlett!" Ella shouted. "I forgot to tell you how to get to the platform!"

She ran up to me and walked me towards a wall in between Platforms 9 and 10.

"Right. It's pretty simple. You just run into that wall." She said, matter of factly.

I looked her up and down, and then at the wall, and then back at her.


"Remember, this is Magic!" Ella said. "Now go." She hugged me and I ran towards the wall.

The next thing I knew, I was standing on a platform with a steam train, surrounded by other children and their parents, saying goodbye. I walked onto the train and found an empty compartment. I sat down and got put the fluffy kitten on my lap, stroking it. It lifted its grey head like an earl, and purred.

That was the name! Earl Grey. I love earl grey tea, too. It was perfect.

A minute later, a tall, ginger boy put his head around the door.

"Um.. Do you mind if I sit in here? The others are all full." He said.

"Sure." I replied, and he came in followed by a dark-haired boy that was slightly shorter but just as skinny.

"Hi.." He said.

I kind of felt a slight connection. I blushed and smiled at him. I suddenly realised who he was.

"You're Harry Potter, right? My mother told me about you.. And the scar.. We're kind of similar, apparently." I said.

The ginger looked from Harry to me, and then exclaimed, "Blimey! You're Scarlett Wells! And he's Harry Potter!"

"And I'm Hermoine Granger," a bushy-haired girl said as she burst into the compartment. "Have you seen a toad? A boy called Neville's lost one." She said extremely fast.

"No toads here, apart from a chocolate one that Ron's eating. Sorry." I said, smiling.

"Right.. Well, I'd better go and check some place else," Hermoine replied. "Oh, and did you know, you have dirt on your nose?" She said directly Ron, and then carried on down the other compartments.

Ron rubbed at his nose as Harry and I put our robes on over our t-shirts and jeans, and then from underneath I put on my tights and skirt while carefully removing my other clothes without Harry or Ron seeing. Ron then did the same, and stuffed his clothes carelessly into his hold-all.

"So... Scarlett, were your parents killed by Voldemort too?" Harry asked. "It's just, you mentioned that we were similar, so..."

"My mother was. My father was-"

"Will Wells, Chudley Cannons best ever Seeker! That's a Quiditch player to you, Harry." Ron interrupted.

"Yes. He got a Bludger to the head.. And didn't survive it." I carried on.

"A what?" Harry said.

"It's a ball used in Quiditch, the best sport in the magical world." Ron said to Harry, his mouth full of Chocolate.

"Mhm. That was just after I was born. My mother then raised me herself, until Voldemort came to kill us. He killed her, but when he tried to kill me he somehow couldn't. He disappeared, and then I suppose he went straight to your house to kill you and your parents, but, of course, he failed to kill you too. My adoptive mother, Ella, told me that some guy called Lupin delivered me to her." I told them, and they listened eagerly.

"So.. That's my story. What about you, Ron?" I said.

"Um... Nothing really. I got a few brothers in Hogwarts, a sister outside Hogwarts.." Ron said.

"Cool. Oh my god! Is that Hogwarts?" I exclaimed. It was dark, but in the distance we could see a beautiful castle that looked hundreds of years old, over a lake that reflected it.

"Blimey..." Ron said, as he gazed outside the window. The train came to a halt and we all got off.

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