The way Kuroko plays basketball

Kuroko woke up remembering nothing from the last two months of her life. She learns that she was in a deep coma for 2 years. Why did she forget. What happened?

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2. Why

It had been three weeks since Kuroko woke up. No one apart from her mother had visited her. 

Present day

"I have good news and bad news  Kuroko, all you've suffered from is slight amnesia but the bad news is that you've forgotten what happened to you in the last two months. However you are good to go home today. You may start school but don't over excert yourself in any activities" the doctor said kindly.

"that's good" kruoko quietly thought to herself. The next day kuroko was at home. "What school should I join?" Kuroko asked her mother. "How about Seirin Tetsu?" Her mother replied. " I don't have a say in this" tetsu thought.

Two weeks later

"Who's the new girl, she's really pretty" class 1B whispered to themselves. "Good morning 1B I would like to introduce our new student Kuroko Tetsuya. Please introduce yourself Kuroko" Mr Rakuza stated to the class. " good morning, my name is kuroko and I am 15 years old. Umm I used to go to serin and teiko and I used to like playing basketball. Well, two years ago I suffered from a car crash and I was in a deep coma for the two years. I don't remember much. I hope we all get along" kuroko said politely.

the class all started whispering. 

"Well kuroko that's was quite a story, for now could you please sit next to tetsuki" the teacher said after recovering.

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