The way Kuroko plays basketball

Kuroko woke up remembering nothing from the last two months of her life. She learns that she was in a deep coma for 2 years. Why did she forget. What happened?

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7. Times before

I was released again a day later. I couldn't help but laugh to myself as I walked home, it seemed something happened to me every two months. I had asked the doctors not to tell my mother what happened since I knew she'd fly right here and I didn't want to trouble her. A few weeks ago my mum left to England for two years on a business trip. It was organised last year since I didn't look like I would be waking up soon. She didn't want to go but I forced her too. I still remember our conversation. " mum, go, leave, now" "but kuroko you just woke up, how am I supposed to let you go"  mum said about to cry. " IF YOU DON'T LEAVE RIGHT NOW IM GOING TO ASK THE DOCTORS TO TAKE ME BACK" I screamed loudly. Well it was probably a normals person yell but for me it was a level 12 scream. "Fine, fine, I'll see you soon, if anything happens call me or father. Bye" mum said laughing and crying at the same time. Two hours later she was past checkout and boarding the plane to England. I was sad that she was going but I knew it was for her own good.

 HONNNNKKKKKKKKKKK. I felt myself being pushed backwards. A car driver was looking at me furiously. "Are you ok" a boy said. It was all hazy. " I was crying. "Shhhhh it's ok, you're not alone" I screamed of pain. Those words set of my hidden memories. Everything that I had forgotten came back. Everything that I had tried to forget came back. I dropped to the floor screaming and crying. "Why, why?" I whispered before feeling my body being lifted back up by the big who saved me. " are you ok?" "Should I call an ambulance?" What's wrong with her?" A passer by asked. " I don't know, I don't know, call someone, please" the boy yelled frustrated. I was driven back to the hospital 5 minutes later. I was still screaming, the tears wouldn't leave me. I was losing consciousness quickly. 

Flashback ( day after winter cup)

At Seirin practice 

"Good job guys, I can't believe we actually won, you guys played your best and all our effort payed off" Riko said proudly 

I gave off a weak smile. "Hmphhhh" Kagami snorted. I was still tired from yesterday and from crying. I was released in the morning so to avoid suspicion I came to training. " looks like we're better than your friends" Kagami said bluntly. I wanted to run or at least punch him. "I've got to go" I said hurriedly using my misdirection to get out of the claustrophobic room. I breathed outwards when I got outside. " still the same kuroko" Akashi said coldly. I looked up to a glare coming from the GoM. "Akashikun?" I whispered. " you should've known that they wouldn't need you, no one needs you. You might as well leave.." They all taunted. I let out a muffled cry and ran. I heard them laughing without me. 

"You're not good enough" " you don't deserve friends" "no wonder your friends left you" the voiced rang through my ear. I hurriedly opened my door and locked myself in my bathroom sobbing. It was as if a spell took over me as I walked to my kitchen and picked up a knife. I traced a love heart on my wrist and slashed a line through it. The pain helped me. " you deserve this" a voice said to me. I slumped to the floor. The next day I woke up. I was weak due to the blood loss. I stayed at home and cried. The tears came so easily. I should go to the shops I thought absentmindedly. I put ons jacket to cover my wrist and walked out. The sky was so blue, I felt so weak. I entered maji burger and saw Ryoma. I was about to call his name but then a girl was hugging him, kissing him. " is your girlfriend here?" She sneered. " you know I'd never date the likes of her" he laughed. I ran out again. I had been running so much lately. " who just left" Ryoma thought. 

To be continued

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