The way Kuroko plays basketball

Kuroko woke up remembering nothing from the last two months of her life. She learns that she was in a deep coma for 2 years. Why did she forget. What happened?

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1. The way Kuroko plays basketball

"Where am I" she thought. The room was white and contained a table and a chair . A nurse came in with a notebook and started writing. "Excuse me, could you please tell me where I am" kuroko asked politely. The nurse turned around and screamed causing a group of other doctors and nurses to come rushing in. "Good morning, could one of you please feel me where I am and why i am here. I'm afraid I might have scared her" kuroko said while looking up at them expectantly. "Ummm.. Well this time two years ago you were involved in a car crash which put you into a deep coma" a young doctor said. "Oh" kruoko said before fainting. 10 minutes later she woke up and wondered why her friends aren't here. It was February the 16th. "Oh no" she thought 


Seirin have won the winter cup against the elite teiko. 

"We won" she thought " why aren't I relieved, happy even?" 

That's because kagami had played the game himself. He didn't rely on kuroko anymore.

"maybe he still needs me" Krupp thought and lifted her hand for a first bump 

"Good job" she whispered 

End Flashback 

authors notes 

I've made everything so that tetsu won the winter cup with serin when she was 13 so that she can be 15 now. :))) hope you liked it 





"Good job" she said 





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