The way Kuroko plays basketball

Kuroko woke up remembering nothing from the last two months of her life. She learns that she was in a deep coma for 2 years. Why did she forget. What happened?

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6. The hospital

woke up in hospital the next day with all of seirin siting next to me talking about things such as basketball. I loved the constant chatter so I stayed quiet. After ten minutes I sneezed blowing my cover. She's awake they said surprised. "I've been awake the whole time"  I laughed. Just then Kise, Aomine, Kagami and Akashi came through the door. The two others weren't there. I panicked again but fixed on a bland look. "Ummm, who are you" I said. "That's what we want to know" Akashi said like the leader he is. "I'm" quick think of a name " tetsu kuroko. " kuroko??" The GoM said surprised. "Yes...." I said acting confused " and you are?". 

" wait do you know kuroko tetsuya?" Kise asked. " he's he's my cousin but he's in a deep coma. Are you friends of his?" I whispered the last part. " more or less" they replied. I felt hurt but it was the truth. "Anyway seeing as we have nothing to talk about, could you please leave?" I said with more authority in my voice. Just then a doctor walked through and said " tetsuya, how have you been?" "Hell, what do I do now" I thought. " tetsuya?" Asked Akashi  with a hint of surprise on his tone. " Yes this is room 108B where Kuroko Tetsuya is. She just woke up from a deep coma. She's  a miracle" the doctor said proudly.  Seirin then piped up and asked the GoM to leave which was short noticed as Akashi gave  them all a menacing glare. " kuroko you've got some explaining to do" Aomine chanted. " do I? I have no need to speak to any of you. So do me a favour and get out" I Replied coldly. " 

"We thought you were dead" Kise said, crying. " when the accident happened your mum to
told us you died the night after. We weren't even invited to your funeral" I couldn't help but feel sorry for him but that sorry was short lived when I saw the anger on everyone's face apart from seirin. " why didn't you tell us?" Kagami said. " how dare you not tell me this" Akashi said, " what the hell tetsu" Ryoma whispered. " like I said before, i don't want to speak to you or even look at you. Now look remember this we'll defeat you in the winter cup so watch out. Now just get out of my room. If you want to know what happened ask someone from seirin. just get out" I said whispering. I was so tired. It was as if the GoM had drained all my energy.  I fell asleep worried about the days to come.

Endou's Pov
That whole scene just then was so weird. I felt sorry for tetsu as she looked so exhausted after it all. But really why was it all so complicated. After we left the ward the GoM approached me." Why me" I silently cursed. Truth be told it was hard to explain everything that happened. The GoM were outright confused when I told them what happened. " could you repeat that?" Akashi asked. " yeh ok, so kuroko was in a major accident two years ago and she fell into a deep coma. She woke up like 1-2 months ago. She remembers everything but the last two months of her life. For some reason that she didn't tell us, she doesn't seem too like you guys. That's it" the GoM still looks shell shocked.

To be continued

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