The way Kuroko plays basketball

Kuroko woke up remembering nothing from the last two months of her life. She learns that she was in a deep coma for 2 years. Why did she forget. What happened?

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5. Maji Burger

At Maji burger 

"So tell us about yourself, Kuroko" Kawasaki the captain asked me. Already the members in Seirin felt like family. There was Kawasaki the leader , kagamae the rebounder, endou who helped our in everything, susuge who was over confident and sasuke, orichamar, tentou and shimida. They asked questions that didn't pry too much and kept me laughing. I told them the whole story, not just the accident. I told them everything. 

"well, as you know two years ago I got in an accident causing me to fall into a deep coma. However before that I went to teiko and played basketball with the GoM. I was their phantom player. To be honest I was never really good. So I'm surprised at my sudden increase in skills. As you know teiko won all the time. This caused them to stop having fun and coming to training. Phewwww anyway, I decided to transfer to seirin and defeat the GoM. I succeeded. Seirin won the winter cup defeating teiko. 

During my time in seirin I met kagami and Ryoma . I thought we were best friends but for some reason whenever I think about them I get this bad feeling in my stomach. On the day of the winter cup I caught Ryoma the boy I liked at the time talking about me with some other people. I was crushed. Finally at the end of the winter cup kagami started to believe he didn't need me. What really crushed me was when seirin celebrated without me. I never told anyone but that day I remember feeling my feet dragging across the path right into a truck. I thought that was the days I went into the coma but apparently I lived another two months. Some days I wake up screaming and some days I wake up crying. I think something bad happened in those two months but it's all a mystery" I talked and talked. Did I really say all that, no. I told seirin what I had told everyone else with some additional stuff. However they probably knew the most out of everyone. 

They were quiet after I told them the simplified version. I could tell they were sad. Sarcastically I said " well this is quite the celebration". This seemed to knock some life back into them cause after I said it everything went back to normal. That was until I saw the GoM come in through the door. I didn't even realise the strangled cry came from me till seirin stopped everything that they were doing to look at me. " what's wrong" endou whispered. " they're here" I said while ducking under the table. Seirin turned too look at the entrance. I felt the world black out and I hit the table. " oh my god she fainted" " call the ambulance" " you call the ambulance susuge" " hurry she's bleeding". All the while this happened GoM stared at Kuroko wondering why they felt they knew the girl.

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