The way Kuroko plays basketball

Kuroko woke up remembering nothing from the last two months of her life. She learns that she was in a deep coma for 2 years. Why did she forget. What happened?

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8. Betrayal

Continued flashback

The Next Day

Everything that I had worked so hard to get had broken in a flash. However out of everything I regretted over the past few days was hurting myself. There was no use anymore. I had to be strong. Stronger than I ever was before. I'd do it again and again till they realise. I spent of the days working out schools that needed me and also writing my resignation letter. It was easy, too easy in my opinion. Kagami and Ryoma had hurt me, so had Seirin but was it really enough to leave them. One flashback of them celebrating made me know it was worth it. 

Seirin piled in the doors of the gym. "Where's kuroko?" Hyugga asked worriedly. " who cares" Kagami said. " I hope she's ok" Ryoma thought worriedly. Riko was running towards them. " what happened?" Hyugga asked. " letter pant pant from kuroko pant pant don't know why pant pant". Kagami took letter and practically tore it open.  All of Seirin looked at the note.

To Seirin High Basket Ball Club
I would like to formally lodge my resignation from the basketball club due to various reasons.
From Kuroko Tetsuya 

Even though it was all formal, Seirin had tears in their eyes. "Wait there's another letter" Kagami shouted secretly hoping it was all a prank.

If you're still reading this 
I'm sure you all really want to know if I  quit basketball. I didn't, I'm transferring schools and I'm going to build a basketball foundation there. Rest assured in the new future you'll all face me and my new team. Thank you Kagami, Ryoma, Kise, Aomine, Akashi, Midorima, Miso-San and all of Seirin. Hurting me only makes me stronger. No matter what you think, the time we spent together will be some of the best memories in my life. 
From Kuroko Tetusya 
Ps. Please show this to GoM if they ever come back.

Everyone was crying. Kagami was shaking. " why did I hurt her" Kagami thought. Just then the entire GoM came bustling through the doors. " KUROKOCHIII" Kise yelled. Riko shaking with anger threw the letters to them. They all paled reading the notes. "Not again, we promised this would never happen again" Aomine whispered. " we broke her, she's hurting inside. Why did we taunt her" Midorima said remaining calm but the dread in his eyes were evident. For the first time in their lives the GoM saw Akashi with tears in his eyes. " this is just a joke" Kise said laughing nervously. 

" Damn it" Kagami said. 

Why was all they could think. Why had they gone and repeated history. Why had they thought they didn't need her. Without kuroko they were nothing. "Kagami, me you, one on one now" Aomine said through gritted teeth. Like that kuroko disappeared from their lives. For a grand total of one week.


"Good morning class, Today I will be introducing our now transfer student, kuroko Tetsuya." 
" hi" I said smiling. Girls paled at the pretty girl, guys blushed. 

End Of Flashaback

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