The way Kuroko plays basketball

Kuroko woke up remembering nothing from the last two months of her life. She learns that she was in a deep coma for 2 years. Why did she forget. What happened?

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3. Basketball club

After class I practically ran to the basketball club. I wasn't sure about joining basketball since whenever I thought about it, it left a sad feeling in my stomach. However the doctor said it might be a way of getting back my two month loss memory. I approached the Seirin basketball club. "Wait what if Kagami and Ryoma are here". No, tetsuki told me that they went to Rakuzan with the rest of GOM and formed an unbeatable team. I pushed the door and saw Riko talking with the new basketball captain. I hadn't realised it before but all the old seirin members had gone to different schools. That was another mystery that was unsolven. "Hi may I help you" Riko looked up at me. "She doesn't remember me. That's right, I pretended to be a boy back  then" I thought. "Umm, yes, I would like to join the basketball team" I stated. Riko looked surprised. After about ten minutes of talking and figuring out loop holes to make me join she led me to the gym. "Before we let you in, we have to see how good we are" Riko said laughing. "Sure" I said back. "Okay I'm gonna make it 5 on 1. Basketball members assemble" Riko yelled. About 8 basketball members approached. That was it. " what happened to serin" I thought. I did feel panicked though, I hadn't touched a basketball in two years. What if I was as bad as last time. Ready set go, Rico said tossing up the ball. I was shocked, my body moved on my own. I had gotten the ball and made the shot in a matter of seconds. " what the hell" the basketball members shouted out. " what the hell" I thought. Why was I good, two years ago before the accident I was the phantom. Now I was taking on 5 players. What had happened in those two months. We played for another 20 mins and stopped with a total score of 60-0 my favour. " you're in" Riko said beaming. I laughed with glee. I hadn't had this much fun in ages. As a celebration the basketball team invited me to majo burger. I smiled and said " yes please" 

to be continued 

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