Drawn To Him

Leah Carter has just moved to London. Leaving her old city, which is on the other side of the country, behind, she starts life afresh in a small but nice neighbourhood. While being far away from her one and only best friend Harper, Leah knows she has to forget her and move on, but will that be so easy when being new in an unknown town and a school surrounded by hot badboys and popular bitches?


4. three

We were outside the classroom, and i was relieved that Mrs Danford went inside with me to explain the teacher that i was new, because

I. am. shit. with. words.

Knowing me i'd start stuttering, and the whole class would have laughed at me. I always find a way to make a fool out of myself.

"Nice to meet you Leah, i hope you will be enjoying your time at Westminster."

I smiled at my teacher, who's name was Mr Enfield i guessed. He seemed like a cool person. He was a short, tubby, middle-aged man, and wore brown, thick-framed glasses.

"You can introduce yourself to the class now," Mr Enfield said.

Okay. I take that back. Making me talk in front of the whole class? Not so cool.

The whole class started whispering and looking at me, waiting for me to speak.

Here goes nothing.

"Erm, i'm Leah. Leah Carter. I'm seventeen years old. I'm from Birmingham and recently just moved here.."

I honestly didn't know what else to say. Dear God please help me from this humillation, i silently prayed in my mind.

"Are you single?" a boy snorted.

The class burst out laughing.

"You're kind of hot," another boy said.

I was 100% sure my face was as red as a tomato by now.

I never thought of myself as hot. I was okay i guess.

Before i could even respond the door suddenly burst open.

"Stevans, you're late." Mr Enfield sighed and shook his head. "As always."

I turned around to look at my saviour. When i saw who the late-comer -who just saved me from making the worst blunder ever- was, i immediately felt my heart stopped it's beating, and i froze in place.

It was the boy from earlier, the prick who was the cause of the pain in my back at the moment.

"Tell me something new Enfield," the boy grinned, who's name, according to the teacher, was Stevans i suppose.

"That's enough Ryan. And for the hundreth time, Mr Enfield, will it be for you. You can make up the twenty minutes you came late after school today. Sit down."

"Whatever," Stevans, or shall i say Ryan, said in a monotone. Clearly he didn't care about what the teacher said, or judging on his behaviour, he was probably used to shit like this all the time.

"Leah, you can sit down too. Feel free to sit anywhere you like," Mr Enfield kindly said to me.

Great. This caused the boy to face me, and my heart suddenly decided to start beating again, but this time, so hard it felt like it would bump out of my chest. I was almost sure everyone could hear it.

I don't know what befell me the moment the boy looked at me, but it sure did make me feel nervous inside. I paid attention to his eyes, they were so intimidating, the same dark eyes that were looking down at me in the corridor moments ago, were now a piercing brown color. His skin was smooth looking and his lips were thin and pale. He was seemingly perfect.

Mr Enfield clears his throat. "You can sit down now Leah. Same goes for you Stevans."



He probably knew i was checking him out. Shit shit shit.

I took one last glance at the mysterious boy, before i quickly picked a random seat and sat down.

I noticed the boy sat in the seat behind me, which kind of made me feel uncomfortable, since i knew he would be able to watch my every move.

The teacher started the lesson so i decided to take my stuff out of my bag. As i was placing my things on the desk i felt the boys eyes on me.

I turned my head around.

"Do you have a problem?" i said, and looked into his eyes for the third time today. Oh God were they beautiful.

"You're the same girl from on the corridor right?"

My eyes widened.

Oh shit. He rememberd me. I was so embarrassed that i hadn't said anything after what he did to me. I really didn't want him to know that i was that girl who couldn't even stand up for herself.

"I don't know what you're talking about," i quickly said, and turned to face forward.

The boy chuckled.

"I know it was you. There's not new girls in this school every single day yanno."


I chose that the best thing to do was to 1: cuss the shit out of him, or 2: simply ignore the motherfucker.

I went with the second one.

"Yo, i'm talking to you," the pricks' annoying voice spoke again.

I really didn't want to make a conversation with him.

"What's your name actually?"


"Answer me."

"Yo new girl."

When i thought he finally gave up, i felt someone kicking my chair.

"Can you stop?!" i hissed.

"Not untill you answer me."

He carried on kicking the back of my chair, when all of a sudden i felt the sharp pain go through my back again. But this time, a thousand times worse. I winced and let out a yelp.

The fucktard behind me had kicked the chair so hard it touched my back, on the exact same place where i fell on before. There must've formed a bruise by now.

I looked around and nobody noticed me whimpering in pain. As so, i thought.

"Oh my God are you alright? Why did you scream?"

It was the bitch behind me. He was the cause for the pain in my back in the first place, and seriously, now again?

"Why, you ask me? What the fuck is wrong with you, you retard!" i hissed.

"This is all because of you." I gave him the dirtiest look i could, as i held my back in pain.

For a second the boy just looked at me in confusion, but then raised his brows as if he had realised what had happened.

"Oh fuck. Look, i'm sorry. For uh, what happened earlier on the corridor, and for your back."

Now it was me to raise my brows. He definately didn't look like a person to apologize, with his badboy attitude and all.

"I was in a bad mood, i didn't mean to swear at you like that."

"Erm, it's fine," i said a bit startled.

"Let me make it up to you. I can show you around school since you're new and don't know your way here?"

"Uh, there's really no need of that. I will find my way, but thanks for the offer though."

Wow, this boy wasn't as retarded as i thought he was.

"Oh, alright." he said, his voice sounded kind of.. dissapointed?

The bell rang soon enough and i grabbed my stuff.

Before i got up i glanced behind me to see that the boy had already stormed out of class.

What was his deal?

I shook it off and walked out of the class too as i folded my timetable sheet open.

Hmmm, history it is.

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