Drawn To Him

Leah Carter has just moved to London. Leaving her old city, which is on the other side of the country, behind, she starts life afresh in a small but nice neighbourhood. While being far away from her one and only best friend Harper, Leah knows she has to forget her and move on, but will that be so easy when being new in an unknown town and a school surrounded by hot badboys and popular bitches?


9. seven

The person had just beaten up the drunk man and I was terrified. He looked in my direction and said something, but i couldn't make out what he said.

Tears were strolling down my cheeks as the dark figure came closer and closer.

"Please let me go" I cried.

But he didn't.

The figure was two steps away from me, and I started screaming.

"Hey, hey, it's me, calm down it's me."

My head shot up at hearing the familiar deep voice.

"Ryan?" I sniffled.

"Are you alright?"

I was speechless. All i could do was cry my eyes out. I was in shock of what had just happened.

"Hey sh, it's okay. I'm here now." I immediately relaxed at his soothing voice.

"But that man.." my voice trembled at the thought of the disgusting man who was currently on the ground making no sound nor movements.

"Don't worry. I took care of him."

Tears filled my eyes making my vision blurry and I shivered.

Ryan took off his jacket as he noticed how cold I was and wrapped it around me.

"Lets get out of here"

I stumbled while trying to get up but Ryan wrapped his arms around me and pulled me up.

He walked me to a car, which was a nice black BMW. Ryan opened the car door for me and without thinking twice I sat down. He closed the door and got in the other side. He then started the engine as I frowned. "Hold on. who's car is this?"

"It's mine," Ryan chuckled.

"Wait. You can drive!?"

"Well, i wouldn't been sitting in the drivers seat if i couldn't, don't you think?"

"But how can you drive when you're only- oh my god is this even legal? Oh my go-"

"Leah, i'm 17," Ryan chuckled.

"Huh? but how? Aren't you supposed to b-"

"I had to re-do the year. I fucked about too much last year that they made me do this year again. Apparently I missed out and bunked too many lessons, and wasn't 'on target'. Some bullshit," Ryan sighed.

"Oh." i mumbled. this guy was definately trouble. i need to make a note in my mind to remember to stay away from him. Although he did save me from that drunkard, god knows what would have happened if Ryan didn't come on time and save me.. I shivered remembering the touch of the nasty man on my body and face. A tear escaped my eye and before I knew it i was silently sobbing.

I guess Ryan had noticed because I could feel him looking at me from the corner of my eye. I felt the car coming to a stop

"Hey.. don't think about it too much love, he was a bastard I know." Ryan put his hand over my hand.

At his touch i suddenly felt something in the pit of my stomach. I blushed. Why am I feeling like this?

"-But i gave him such a beating that he will have learned his lesson. He will never dare to pull that act with anyone ever again," Ryan continued.

Oh my god.. the man. He was laying on the ground so.. lifeless. What if he's-

"Dead? Oh no. He was only unconscious because I beat him up a little too much."

I looked at Ryan. "Did I just say that out loud?"

"Yes, you did love."

"Oh. By the way where are we?"

"Well, no where untill you tell me what your address is."

"My address?"

"Yeah, that thing that we call the name of the place where we live? Unless you're thinking of spending the night in my car.. I mean that's fine with me," Ryan smirked.

I looked at him in shock and flushed bright red.

"Just kiddinggg."

It was late and the dark sky was treathening to bring down a storm when Ryans car came to a stop in front of my house.

The weather was strangely pleasant and cool for me, with a constant breeze that touched my face coming through the window of the car, which i had pulled down.

"We're here." Ryan said.

"Oh, alright." I looked at Ryan. "Thank you for dropping me, you didn't have to."

"Couldn't resist," Ryan mumbled.

"What?" I said. Did he just say what I think he did.

"Um, i mean, uh, I couldn't stop myself you know.. after what happened. Needed to make sure you would get home safe without that bastard bothering you." he stammered.

"Oh right. Well... thank you. For everything."

"Anytime." Ryan smiled. And for the first time I actually paid attention to his smile. It was cute. No, beautiful.

Everything about his face was beautiful..

"Well, goodnight." Ryan said.

I came out of my stance. Was i staring?

"I hope you will be okay after what happened.. don't stress about it too much."

"Yeah, I won't do. Thanks again."

I got out of the car and waved at Ryan. "Goodnight."


Ryans car drove away, as I unlocked my front door, still memorised by his piercing brown eyes.

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