Drawn To Him

Leah Carter has just moved to London. Leaving her old city, which is on the other side of the country, behind, she starts life afresh in a small but nice neighbourhood. While being far away from her one and only best friend Harper, Leah knows she has to forget her and move on, but will that be so easy when being new in an unknown town and a school surrounded by hot badboys and popular bitches?


1. prologue

'I don't want to go.'

'I know, and i don't want you to.'

I looked into her glossy eyes. I knew she was trying so hard to keep the tears inside.

'If I had the choice, I would hide you in my suitcase or do whatever it'd take, to bring you with me."

"Or you could just simply stay here, and never leave me behind."

A wash of guilt went through me. How could I do this to her?

"Promise me you will never forget me."

She held out her pinky.

"Is that even a question? We're besties for life," I smiled. Well, at least attempted to.

While some tears started to stream down my cheeks, knowing that neither of us would be able to keep the promise, I connected my pinky with hers. "Pinky promise."

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