Drawn To Him

Leah Carter has just moved to London. Leaving her old city, which is on the other side of the country, behind, she starts life afresh in a small but nice neighbourhood. While being far away from her one and only best friend Harper, Leah knows she has to forget her and move on, but will that be so easy when being new in an unknown town and a school surrounded by hot badboys and popular bitches?


2. one



London's houses?

Not OK.

It was horrible. We arrived more than an hour late then when we were supposed to, and the owners of the house didn't look all to pleased. Neither did the driver of our moving truck, who let's just say already had placed all of our furniture and other stuff in the house and was furious because he had to wait so long. If only my dad had paid him before the moving, he would've been long gone before we even arrived. But no, my stupid dad and his stupid arrogance, and his stupid decisions, which is the reason why I'm stuck in this stupid house right now.

Oh right. Back to the house.

It was as small as if it were a freaking barbie dolls' house my four year old little sister plays with. Compared to my old house? It wasn't small. No it was as if a fucking ant was placed next to a gorilla. Yeah so the gorilla is my old house, and the ini-mini ant is what i'm comparing my new home with.

Let's just say my old house was pretty luxurious for a middle-classed family like ours. It had five massive bedrooms, all with double-beds and the best furniture I could wish for. Two bathrooms with en-suite showers and a jacuzzi.


A freaking jacuzzi.

With bubbles.

In. My. Bathroom.


Carrying on. I also had a walk in closet, and downstairs were two sitting-rooms, a kitchen with entry to the beautiful garden, and we also had a really big garage.

Yeah. Had.

Now we have the three tiniest bedrooms, one of them i have to SHARE with my sister. Downstairs is a kitchen, a small sittingroom, and the dirtiest bathroom i have ever seen. Even the water is filthy and way too cold i can handle.

Wow it's not even been an hour since I've been here.

and I already hate it.


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