Drawn To Him

Leah Carter has just moved to London. Leaving her old city, which is on the other side of the country, behind, she starts life afresh in a small but nice neighbourhood. While being far away from her one and only best friend Harper, Leah knows she has to forget her and move on, but will that be so easy when being new in an unknown town and a school surrounded by hot badboys and popular bitches?


5. four

According to the room number it seemed like a pretty long way, on the other side of the school, which meant i could run late if i didn't hurry up. And i definately didn't want to have thirty pair of eyes staring at me when i would walk into my next class.

Luckily i found my class and arrived on time. I had introduced myself to the teacher again, as everyone was asking me questions.

"Can i see your timetable?" a girl who's name i learned was Clair, said.

"Yeah sure."

I handed her my timetable, which she scanned her eyes over quickly and then handed me back. She gave me a smile and said: "Cool, we have maths and science together."

The teacher had told me to sit next to this girl called Nicole. Nicole had vlong straight hair, which reached her back. It was brown from the top and you could tell she had dip dyed her ends blond. Her skin was perfectly tanned, and she had small brown eyes.

I didn't really bother to make a conversation with Nicole, although she didn't seem bad. I just knew i wouldn't end up being close friends with her anyway, so what was the point?

The whole lesson was boring, since it was history of course. The whole class was still having fun though, except for me. They were messing about a lot, but being the "shy" person i am, i just kept my mouth shut. If i would describe myself i would definately not use the word shy, however with a room full of strangers i may come across as shy.. But hey, new kids are always supposed to be quiet when they're new, aren't they?

Time flew by but the bell had still not rang. Sadly i didn't even know what time this lesson was meant to finish.

"What time does this lesson finish?" I asked Nicole, hoping she'd hear me over the loud noise everyone was making.

"10:30," Nicole answered. Her voice was sweet, but she had a foreign accent. I wonder where she was from.

The bel rang a few minutes later. I packed my bag as everyone walked out of class.

It was break.

I didn't have anyone to hang around with, since i didn't really make any friends. People in class were being nice to me though, so there was no one i actually disliked yet. Well, apart from that mysterious boy-i mean dick that had hit my back. Even though he was being friendly to me last minute in class, when he offered to show me around the school. I really should have taken his offer. Thanks to my stupid decision i'm now lost in this hell hole. I was desperate to know where the cantine was, because i was hungry as fuck.

I noticed the girls toilets and went inside it. There weren't that many girls since break was now almost over. I spent the most of my time just walking around corridors, in hope to find the heaven i call the cantine.

'What's your name?" A girl had came up to me. She was tall and had long blond hair. Her facial expression showed boredom, as if someone had forced her to talk to me.

"It's Leah."

"Cool," she said. "I like your hair. And your eyebrows. And your lashes."

"Oh thanks," i smiled. She was complimenting me, but still had that bitchy look on her face. What was she playing at? It was hard to see what she was thinking.

Or maybe I was just overthinking.

"What school did you come from?"

"A school in Birmingham. So out of London."

"Oh, so you're from Birmingham?" she asked.


"Right. So that explains the accent. Anyways, meet my friends. Amanda, Zoey, and Sabrina."

Three girls with make-up caked faces and perfectly straightened hair appeared. They all had handbags over their arms and looked at me, taking me in.

Their facial expressions didn't look all to pleased.

What did i get myself into?

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