Pretty Please Don't Leave


1. how my life ended up this way

So how does my life always end up this way? Ok so I should I tell you exactly what happened on my birthday my mum and I were out on our way to see a movie mum promised me a fright being good and help her out around the house as she has a baby by her new husband we will go to the movies and see the maze runner to my favourite movie when all of a sudden whom she gets hit by an oncoming car I try to saving her but it was no use so I ended up calling in the ambulance right now I am in the hospital next to bed well she's in a coma I just hope she doesn't die on me. Is anyone out to get me because the same thing happened to my dad five years ago.

"Emily want to spend three days need to come home." My cousin Luke's head.

"know what is something happens to her and I'm not here to supporter, I would kill myself if anything happens I can't move now she's in the family I've got." I said

Yes and I found a pair of pants go around my waist and I was lifted up into the air. I screamed Luke's name , And accidentally kicked them in the eye. Once we got in Luke's car I started crying all the way to his house.when we hit the pavement of Lukes house arm his mum ran out I ran I instantly ran into arms for support, I needed that. Liz is like a second mother to me, and Andrew he was there when my dad passed away as well.

"come here my little petal. I know what you're feeling my little pumpkin." Liz

I ran into Liz's arms cried my heart out, once I pulled away I heard a car pull up the driveway. I was faced with three of Luke's friends, they were there as well when I was going through hard times in my life.

"Commit my little darling. " Michael said and I ran into his arms excepting is offer he sort of like a brother to me. And there is Ashton and Callum Ashton is like A twin my twin because every time we say something every time we want to do something we always do the same. Want to let go of Iran into ashes arms and gave gave him a peck on the cheek. I was left with Callum now I have a big crush on him so I love how was I sparkle every time he smiles and we talk about his music career I walked up to him and grace my arms I hug them tightly and squeezed me tightly as well.

"Emily hey you can stay here with us you know that we can have a movie night." Luke said

"yeah you can even snuggled up to me well I watching it." I heard Calum say

I nodded and we had it inside, I didn't want to go home and grab some new close cause it would just bring back bad memories I asked to stay the night and borrow some clothes off Luke. We went up to Luke's room and I just started to ball my eyes out, every time sad Luke always gives me the best hugs. For some reason he starts to sing I think it does soothes me because every every time he sings I seem to stop crying.

"what movie are we watching." Once I finished getting dressed.

"Mean girls." Ashton and Luke said in unison

Callum padded the seat next to him so I decided to sit next to him and snuggle up to him. The movie started and once the mean girls came out Aston and Luke both booed them, half way through the movie I found myself getting sleepy so I leaned my head on Calum's bicep and fell asleep. I was a woken by Luke and Aston yelling at the screen, playing FIFIA.

" Yeah that's right run." Luke said

" What happened to the movie." I asked Calum who I was leaned up against.

"Oh that finished hours ago, don't worry I made sure that they didn't touch you." He smirked

"Thanks." I said " is there anything to eat?"

He nodded so we got up to get something to eat. " Can you please get us a bowl of Doritos thank you." Luke said

"Yeah can you please get me a thousand bucks I shout laughed." I laughed. He pouted his lip, they always gets me.

"Fine but you owe me." I said

We returned with a bowel of Doritos and a sandwich Calum and I sat down just as I was about to take a bite Aston comes along and steals my sandwich, and said thanks for the sandwich, with that smirk he has. I playfully punch him in the the arm.

"Ow, what was that for." He said but giggled

We all started to laugh as Aston's giggle is funny, "Yeah what is the time." I asked

"Oh seven pm."

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