Lost But Found

My career is about to finally kick off. I won a contest, which I will be flown out to met THE Simon Cowell, and he is putting together a new girl band. Which I will be in, because I have a angelic voice like my mothers, or that's what my dad says anyway. I wouldn't know.... She past away giving birth to me...... Anyways Simon said we will be meeting a boy band he put together. Apparently their known everywhere. But me being me not knowing much about anything outside my hometown (Mullingar, Ireland) , I don't know any big boy band. He said that their band is called "One Direction"....
Well I hope my career is successful.


4. Chapter 4.


"Stop, squirming its only me"


 I started hyperventilating, I felt like i was going to pass out. The person who had me in their arms turned me around to face them. I wave of relief washed over me . "Sorry I didn't mean to scare you like that" Harry said, I think that's what his name is. "I-it's okay, just p-please don't do it again" I replied after catching my breath. " I promise, Anyways I pulled you in here for something." "okay?" " So, why were you Zayn sleeping together last night?" Harry asked, while raising his eyebrows. "Oh, I had a night terror, and I kind of fell of the bed. which woke up Zayn and I kind of asked him if he would, um cuddle with me so i would feel better." I said. "Oh, okay." He replied as he loosen the grip on me. "Yeah if you don't mind I was going to go out for awhile" I said getting out of the his grip and opening the door to leave. "Yeah sure, we have guest coming over from Australia, who might think will help you with your band" I turned to face him. "Okay so what time should I be back." "They should be here soon so? 30 Minutes or so." I nodded and left without saying anything more. I went into the the elevator (finally) and clicked the lobby button. As I stepped out, I made my way to the door, only to be stopped by all the people waiting at it. They were screaming and shouting, so of them even have posters saying stuff like, " I love one direction " or "marry me?". But one of them made me laugh is said "I love Harry more than I love free wifi". I decided not go out of the hotel. Mainly because I don't want to get attacked by them.

So I decided to explore the hotel. I went down the hall and found a pancake house. So I decided to go in and eat before I have to go back to my room to meet "the guest".


(The other day when they were in the limo)

Harry P.O.V

Once we got in the limo, we were waiting for Niall and Alex. When Niall said he would stay with Alex. I think Zayn got a little bit tense. I think Zayn has a crush on her or something. Anyways. While we were in the limo, Alex fell of Liam's lap. Luckily she wasn't heavy well at least she doesn't look like it. She plopped down in between me and Zayn. I looked at him wiggle my eyebrows, trying to hint him to make a move. But all he did was shook his head, and looked the other way.

We were at the hotel and everyone was almost out until I realized Alex was passed out in limo. I decided to shake her. "What?" She said in a kinda aggressive tone. "We're here" I said giving a small grin. She just got up and left. She looked like she was in a rush. I decided I should talk to Zayn. I got out and head towards him.

"So you like her?" I asked him as soon as I got to him. "Who?" "You know who I'm talking about" "I don't know, like it matters thought she seems like she's interested in Niall and Niall shows the same interest in her. So I'm not going to pull anything." "Okay, shall we head in now" and with that we walked in.

Liam handed me my key and gave the spear to Carson. We made our way to our room together. As I opened the door there was only two beds just like Simon said. "I say Carson and I share a bed. So you can have your own" Dawn said. "Okay" I replied.

I got ready to go to bed. I was about to fall asleep until I heard the t.v go on. I got up and saw Dawn was waiting for Netflix to load. I went back to bed and checked my phone.

*text from Simon*

I unlocked my phone and clicked on my messages. It was a group text sent to the boys. Saying that 5 seconds of summer wanted to come and help you guys out. I locked my phone and put it to charge. I then Slowly drifted to sleep.

I woke up and decided not to mope around all morning. So I got ready for the day. I check the one direction page and saw a picture of Alex on there with the Zayn and Niall. The picture f with Zayn must of happen last night. God. I need to talk to this guy. I was heading out to talk to the other guys. While I would let dawn and Carson sleep. As I walked out I saw Alex and pulled her in.

After I let her go I decided to go hang with the guys and talk about what we are going to do when 5 seconds of summer gets here.

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