Lost But Found

My career is about to finally kick off. I won a contest, which I will be flown out to met THE Simon Cowell, and he is putting together a new girl band. Which I will be in, because I have a angelic voice like my mothers, or that's what my dad says anyway. I wouldn't know.... She past away giving birth to me...... Anyways Simon said we will be meeting a boy band he put together. Apparently their known everywhere. But me being me not knowing much about anything outside my hometown (Mullingar, Ireland) , I don't know any big boy band. He said that their band is called "One Direction"....
Well I hope my career is successful.


3. Chapter 3.


Please give ideas what we should call the all girls band. I'm having troubles with that.



I was walking down the streets all of the sudden, someone grabs me. I tried to get way but failed. I tried screaming, but the only thing that cam out were muffles. They but a cloth up to my face and I was knocked out




Alex P.O.V

"ow!" I yelled really high pitched. I woke up, from falling of the bed. I heard someone jump onto their feet. "Alex, are you okay!?" I heard Zayns voice say. "uh, yeah I think so, sorry" I said. " why are you saying sorry?" he asked. "because I woke you up?" I said. "I was having rouble sleeping anyways, he let me help you" he held his handout. I grabbed it and stand back up. "Thanks, I h-had his horrible d-dream" I said looking down." Do you want to talk about it?" he asked lifting my chin up with is hand, making me look into Hazel eyes. "u-uh, yeah sure?" I said I told him what happen in my dream.

He pulled me into a hug and whisper in my ear "I wouldn't let anything like that happen to you" he said. "Zayn?"I asked "Yeah?" " This weird to ask but can you c-cuddle with me?" "Its not that weird, and yeah sure" he said with a grin on his face. We went into my bed and cuddled. Him beside me made me feel way better. "thank you" i said to Zayn. "No problem... hey can we talk for awhile?" he asked. "uh, sure, what do you want to talk about?" I asked. "I don't know I just want to get to know you better" he said. "okay?" " So tell me about yourself" "okay, my full name is Alex Marie Hunter, my family is just me and my dad, since my mom passed away, apparently I have her "singing voice" and I wanted to make her proud so now I'm her, on a journey to make her proud" I said. "Your mother must be proud already, considering she had a beautiful daughter" he said causing me to blush ALOT. I hid my face in his chest. "Wow, you honestly just said that" I said shyly "Yeah, because its true" he said "well you just made everything awkward" I said looking up at him. "ha-ha-ha sorry "he said "well I'm going to try to fall asleep" I said trying to get away from the awkwardness. "okay" Zayn replied. I close my eyes. I felt Zayn  pull me closer to him so that my face buried into his chest. He then started to play with my hair. It felt good. I was about to fall asleep, when I felt a pair of lips touch my forehead. I just ignored it and fell asleep.

The Morning

I saw the bright sun seeping through my eyelids. My eyes started to flutter open. My eyes tried to adjust to the brightness. When my eyes focused, I was still in Zayns arms. he looked so cute when he sleeps. I decided it was time to get out of bed, I started to get up, but all of a sudden Zayn grabs me pulls me back to him. "Ten more minutes" he mumbled. "I have to pee, let me go" I said making up an excuse. he finally let go and I grabbed my bag an brought it into the bathroom, so I could get ready for the day. I did my usual makeup, and I decided I wanted to be a cat so, I drew a cat nose and whiskers. I did my hair, then got changed into a grey sweater, with red pants, a beanie and converser.

I walked out of the bathroom. I looked over to my bed to see if Zayn was still there. he wasn't though. So I went to the living room of our apartment. As i headed to the living room, I grabbed my phone were I left it (The coffee table).  I turned it on to see if i had any notification. I got a lot of followers on instagram, and they were still coming in. I went on to Instagram, and got a notification i was tagged in a photo. I clicked it and waited for the picture to load. OMG im GOING TO KILL BOTH OF THEM. It was a picture of me on the plane sleeping and a picture of me cuddling with Zayn, which i looked like a Horrible in! It was posted to 'One direction' official. So which one posted it! As I thought who did it, i heard laughter come from out side the hotel room. Zayn and Niall both came in laughing. I just stood their giving them death glares. Louis then walked in laughing too, I gave him the death glare to."What's wrong is sleeping beauty still tired?" Louis said. I took my phone and left the room without saying a word. To be honest I wasn't really mad at them. But they didn't need to know that. I looked at my the picture off of instagram, as I headed for the elevator.


Me being me I ran into something,  or should i say someone. Luckily I didn't fall to the floor, like what happen with me and Niall. I look up and see I bumped into Liam. "Sorry" I said. "Its alright, I received a text, so I wasn't looking where I was going, sorry" Liam said, then looking at his phone. I started to walk to the elevator again. "Hey, Alex?" Liam said when I was about to push the button for the elevator to arrive. "Yeah?" I replied. "Do you want me to delete the picture for you?" he asked "Yeah the would great" I said giving him a smile. He just gave the thumbs up and returned the smile. After I saw him walk away. I was finally able to click the elevator button, as I did I got pulled away from the hallway into a room. I tried screaming.It was no use the person who grabbed me covered my mouth before I had a chance to yell. I tried to move out of the persons arms but it was no use, the person was to strong. "Stop, squirming its only me"


(Alexs outfit.)




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