Lost But Found

My career is about to finally kick off. I won a contest, which I will be flown out to met THE Simon Cowell, and he is putting together a new girl band. Which I will be in, because I have a angelic voice like my mothers, or that's what my dad says anyway. I wouldn't know.... She past away giving birth to me...... Anyways Simon said we will be meeting a boy band he put together. Apparently their known everywhere. But me being me not knowing much about anything outside my hometown (Mullingar, Ireland) , I don't know any big boy band. He said that their band is called "One Direction"....
Well I hope my career is successful.


2. Chapter 2.


Hey guys I hope you like my book?;)



Alex P.O.V

 "Okay lets go see Mr. Cowell " , as the driver said that we started to move. I looked around the limo. It was kind of hard to see it was really dim lighting and because the windows were tinted. I looked out the window it seem kind of gloomy outside. I decided to listing to music, so I took out my head phones and plugged into my phone. The first song to play was a song by Green Day "Time of Your Life". I started to zone out of reality. Until my dad tapped my shoulder. I quickly snapped back to reality. I took out my headphones and realized that the limo was parked. "where here" the driver said. I opened the door and step out. wow.    I looked up saw that the building in front of me was about 12 stories high, and had huge windows. "Sweet heart I cant come with you, so good luck" my dad said "oh, okay" I said giving him a wave, before he closed the door of the limo. I took a final big breath and walked in the building.

"How can I help you" the front lady asked me? "Um I have this thing with Simon Cowell, I Won this contest a-" "oh are you Alex?" I nodded. "Okay he's been waiting for you let me take you to him" she said standing up from her desk. I followed her. we went into the elevator, and she clicked floor 12. "You nervous?" she asked. "Yeah kind of" "Don't be, Mr. Cowell is actually nice." As I was about to say something the door opened. "Okay the first door on your left, just knock." "um, okay thanks" I said. "good luck" she said giving a small smile. "thanks" I said shyly as I step out of the elevator. I did as she told me and went to the first door on the left. I stood in front of it, and took a deep breath. I finally knocked on the door.

"come in" a mans voice. I slowly opened the door, and walked in. The first thing I saw was a big desk which was Simon was sitting at. Then I saw two couches which were four girl where sitting at one and two boys sitting at the other. "Hi Alex, these are your other band members, have a seat why don't you?" Simon said while he pointed at the girls. Their weren't any room on the couch with my "band members" so I had to sit with two boys. I made my way to sit down with the boys, but me being me, I tripped and fell to the floor. "Are you okay!?" the boy with curly hair asked me, as he got up from his seat to help me. "Yeah I'm fine, I'm just clumsy" I said taking his hand he held out to me. "ha, ha, ha, okay" the boy replied. Once I got up, we made our way to the couch.

"So lets get to know each other" A girl with red hair said (not a natural red though) "okay" another girl said with black hair said. "I'll go first" a different girl said with brown hair. " My Name is Dawn, my favourite hobbies are to hangout with friends, and watch Netflix". "Me next" another girl with darker brown hair said. "My name is Pippa, and I guess my hobbies is reading, ....yeah that's basically it." "okay I guess I will go" the girl with black hair said "my name Is Carson, to be honest I'm pretty boring, but my hobby is listings to music" "OKAY, so my name is Phoenix, and my hobbies are to sing and to hangout with my friends". the girl with the red hair said. Great now its my turn, everyone turn their heads and was now staring at me. " U-um m-my name is A-Alex" I stuttered and paused, I felt he curly boy put his hand on my thigh, which made me calm down. " As y-you can t-tell I get n-nervous e-easily" I finished saying. Everyone smiled at me trying to comfort me.

"And I"m pretty sure everyone knows these two gentlemen" Simon said pointing at the curly hair boy beside me and a black hair guy on beside him. " U-ugh I-I don't?' I said really shyly. "You don't?!" Dawn said almost yelling. I just stayed quite giving a nod. I looked over to the boys beside me. they had a shocked face on. " well my name is Zayn" the one beside the curly hair boy said. "and my name is harry, we are part of this boy band of 5, that is known world wide" "oh, s-so where are the r-rest of the boys?" I stuttered again. "they should be here soon". Harry replied. "Wait so how come you never heard of us?" Zayn asked. "Im not really I-into the o-outside w-world" I said. "oh okay" Zayn said.

"Anyways, what should we name our band?" Phoenix asked. "I think we should wait awhile for that" Simon said. knock. knock. knock. someone knocked at the door. "That must be the rest of the boys. COME IN!" Simon said, with that the door opened and three boys came in. Two boys with brown hair, and a blonde, WAIT IS THAT THE GUY I MET AT THE AIRPORT. "Hey Zay-..., Alex is that you?" Niall asked, he said running to sit beside me. "Oh, hey Niall" I said. He opened his arms wide for a hug. I stood up and gave him a hug, but as I did he spun me around a couple time then placed me back on the couch. I looked up and saw everyone looked at us confused. "Wait, Niall how do you know Alex?" Harry asked. "Oh, we met at the airport earlier today, well we didn't met, more like ran into each other, literally." He said giving a little chuckle out. "Anyway boys take a seat, and introduce you selves." Simon said. Niall sat beside me and then the other boys seat beside him, but it was really squishy. "WELL! my names is Louis!" The guy at the other end of the couch yelled. "Hello, My name is Liam." the guy beside Niall said. "And I'm Niall". "Okay so now, boys this is Dawn, Pippa, Carson, Phoenix, and the girl sitting with you is Alex" Simon said pointing to everyone. "Hello" they all said together.

"Anyways the boys are here to help you girls out, with working together or if you have any questions. They are currently on their break so, they well be stay with you too at the hotel I booked. I also booked a separate hotel for your parents but its kind of far from yours. I forgot to mention I only booked 4 rooms that have two beds, so I made a sleeping arrangement, they are, in the first room : Dawn, Harry, and Carson. In the Second room is: Pippa, Liam and Niall. The third room is: Phoenix and Louis. And finally the last room is Zayn and Alex." Simon said everyone looked at their "roommate" and gave nodded, but I didn't, no offense I could careless. "girls we already brought your stuff to the hotel. So now you guys and go get to know each other. Theirs a limo waiting for you outside." we all nodded and got up from our seats. Then headed to the elevator. Everyone got in the elevator, expect for me. it looked to crowed. "Aren't you going to come in?" Louis asked. "I cant do tight spaces, ill w-wait" I said looking at the ground. " Here, I'll wait with you" Niall said, I could tell by his accent. "Okay, meet you guys in the limo" Harry said.

Niall stepped out and then the door closed behind them. "So.. why didn't you tell me you sing? or won this contest?" Niall asked me. I didn't know what say "Because you never asked?" I said looking at him. "okay?" he said. "Well the should be done by now, so lets go" he said. I just nodded back. he clicked the button and the elevator came up within five seconds. We both got in. There was an awkward silence. The door opened, suddenly we saw a lot of flashing, I felt nervous. "Shoot, the paparazzi is here, just run to the limo, their should be body guards, don't worry I'm right behind you" he said. "o-okay" I said, he gave me a smile, and we ran for it.

We got in pretty easily. When we got in the limo didn't even hesitate to go. I didn't have time to sit down and I fell on Liam's lap. "Omg, I'm so sorry" I said trying to get off of him, but failed. "Its fine" he said. I finally got off of him and sat down on a seat, which was beside Zayn and Harry. Everyone was having their own small talk, except me. I was the loner of the group. I decided to go on my phone, I plugged my headphones in and listened to music.

I didn't realize I zone out, until I felt someone shakes me. I looked to see who was shaking me, it was harry. "What?" I asked "We're here" he said and I notice everyone was getting out. I got out, and it was really chilling considering I had shorts on. I Quickly ran inside leaving everyone outside, they eventually made their way inside. When Liam got in he walk straight to the front desk, I followed him. "I have hotel rooms under Payne" he said to the lady. she typed something in the computer. " Okay here's you room keys" he said giving 8 keys. So two keys for each room. he handed me one and the rest one. "Your rooms are on floor 7." the desk lady said. I Head for the elevator and hoped in the third one, so I could be by myself (their is four elevators). "I'm going to my room so I can sleep" I yelled at all of them. The door closed before any of them could respond. I pushed floor 7 and it went up. I walked over to my room and opened. The hotel was nice it had a white couch and flat screen TV, with a ps4 connected to it. Their was a big bathroom and a nice kitchen with cute tables. The only down part of this was the two beds where in the same room.  My suitcase ws on a bed so I just decided that was the bed im going to use. I opened my suit case and pulled out a big D.C t-shirt and grab so PJ shorts. Then grabbed my stuff to wash my make up off. I walked over to the bathroom and closed/locked the door. I got changed and put my hair up. Then took my make up off. I checked the time, it was 9:35 pm. I walked out and saw Zayn laying down on his bed. He looked at me and gave me a shy smile. "Hey " I said awkwardly. " Hi " he replied. " I'm going to bed" I said jumping into my bed. "okay goodnight, I will try not to be loud" he said. "Thanks" I crawled under the covers and not the much later I fell asleep.

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